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How Do I Earn the BFA?

You'll need 60 credits in these four areas.

  1. poetry booksTake Three Intro Courses (9 cr):

    CWL 190: Intro to Contemporary Literature

    CWL 202: Introduction to Creative Writing

    CWL 250: Join the Conversation (only runs during the fall semester of junior year)


  2. Take Ten Creative Writing Workshops (30 cr):

    You will repeat these for credit; the topics change each semester:

    CWL 300: Forms of Creative Nonfiction

    CWL 305: Forms of Fiction

    CWL 310: Forms of Poetry

    CWL 315 (or FLM 215): Forms of Scriptwriting

    CWL 320: Forms of Interdisciplinary Arts

    CWL 325: Forms of Science Writing

    CWL 510, 520, 530, 540, 550 Forms of Fiction, Poetry, Scriptwriting, Creative Nonfiction, Professional and Scientific Writing (MFA faculty). By special permission, majors may take a graduate writing workshop, or may count credits earned in EGL 285, EGL 286, FLM 101, THR 325, or THR 326 toward this requirement.


  3. Take Two “Read Like A Writer” Courses (6 cr):

    CWL 330: Topics in European Lit for Writers

    CWL 335: Topics in American Lit for Writers

    CWL 340: Topics in World Lit for Writers

    Students may count credits earned in AFH 205, 329, 330, 368 and 382, AAS 321 and 322, EGL 224, HUF 318, HUS 271, UST 382 toward this requirement.  Students may also petition to substitute any other relevant courses from other departments.


  4. Take a Capstone Cluster of Courses While Writing Your Thesis (15 cr):

    (You take this Capstone Cluster in fall of senior year.)

    CWL 390: The Ethics of the Creative Imagination

    CWL 450: Senior Project

    CWL 487: Mind the Gap/ Independent Reading & Research (with your thesis advisor)

    CWL 499: Thesis (spread out over two semesters)