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Who should my recommender be?

Your recommender should be someone who has read your creative writing and who can compare it to the general pool of writers of your age and level of experience. A classroom teacher would be great. If a visiting artist has taught at your school, or you’ve taken an extracurricular creative writing workshop, the person who led that would also be great. If your school has a literary magazine or newspaper, consider asking the faculty advisor.

Family members are not in a position to write your letter. They love you too much. Likewise, peers are not good choices.

When you approach someone to write for you, give the recommender copies of your statement of purpose and writing sample, even if they are still in draft form. They give the recommender something to riff on when preparing a letter. Ask them to email the letter directly to our program, not to you. They may put your name in the  subject line and send the letter as an attachment or in the body of the email to .

Applicants to Stony Brook can use the same letter they've supplied to admissions. Ask the recommender to email  it to, with your name in the subject line .


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