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What do I need to apply?

Admission to the BFA in Creative Writing is selective. See the “How to Apply” page under “Prospective Students” for a thorough description of the process and materials required. Students will apply to both Stony Brook University and the Creative Writing Program, and must be admitted to both in order to major in creative writing. Here’s a 3-part checklist for both applications and the letter of recommendation:

1. Submitting the Stony Brook application. Admissions has its own checklist and information about the required materials:

      • SUNY, Common, or CUNY Application form
      • Transcripts
      • SAT or ACT scores
      • Letter of recommendation (see below)
      • Honors College: optional; supplemental essay uploaded through Common, SUNY or Coalition app to Stony Brook
      • University Scholars: optional, by invitation

2. Submitting the Creative Writing Application.  Applicants will email the Creative Writing form, Statement of Purpose, and Writing Sample to the Creative Writing Program.

      • Creative Writing Application Form: downloadable PDF is here.
      • Statement of Purpose: description and writing prompts are here.
      • Writing Sample: description and format are here.
      • Application Format: Encourage the student to combine all of the materials into one PDF, attached to the email, with “Creative Writing Application” in the subject line.
      • Application Submission: The email address is

3. Submitting the Letter of Recommendation. The student can use the same letter of recommendation for admission to the University and to Creative Writing.

      • Evaluation form for Stony Brook is here.
      • Stony Brook and Creative Writing require one letter; Honors programs require two.
      • The recommender should submit the Stony Brook letter via the SBU Application Portal, then email a second copy directly to
      • Advice to students about whom to ask for letters is here.