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About the Alda Center

Scientific understanding is too important to leave to chance

Science affects everyday people, every single day.

Instructors leading a science communication training programIt affects what we eat. What we buy. How we travel. How we stay, or get, healthy.

Yet for too many people, the significance of scientific research is lost in jargon and technical details, disconnected from their lives and experiences. Before people can understand complex information, they need to trust and feel connected to its source. 

As a scientist, the most important thing you can do before you share your work is establish trust with other people. When they trust you, you can connect with them and talk with them honestly and openly. Only then can you succeed in achieving your communication goals.

When you listen to people, you are inviting them to join you on a journey of scientific discovery.

Science can improve the lives of millions. It can open people’s minds to the wonders of the world in which we live. Real interpersonal connections help people appreciate science and discovery. Those connections can foster trust in science, build meaningful support for inquiry and investigation, and inspire someone for a lifetime. 

The Alda Center's communication experts help you - the scientist - build bridges to understanding.

Create a ripple effect that spreads the wonder of science.

Alda Center science communication programs are a different kind of learning experience. You won't sit in an auditorium and passively watch a slide presentation where you're being lectured.

You'll move. You'll talk. You'll laugh. You'll explore ways to create trust between yourself and others. You'll collaborate with your peers to craft effective messages. You'll practice. You'll build on strong foundations to reach your audiences in new and engaging ways.

Through professional development workshops and graduate programs, you will be empowered to build trust and share the wonder of science.

You’ll learn communication strategies you can use throughout your career.

Driven by research and developed by experts, Alda Center programs address the leading communication challenges that scientists, researchers, and healthcare professionals face every day.

Our unique method combines applied improvisational exercises with communication strategies to help you refine how you connect with others.

The Alda Method© helps you pay close attention to your message and to how people respond to you. 

We do this through a carefully designed series of exercises that help you become more comfortable, responsive, and aware of your audience’s needs and your own communication goals.

Embrace clear and vivid communication.