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Temporary Staffing Services

Contracts with Vendors

Stony Brook has several contracts with vendors to supply temporary staff to campus departments. The contracts provide temporary personnel services for administrative and clerical occupations.

Customized Services

Stony Brook University and the Research Foundation of SUNY offer departments customized services for all temporary staffing needs. Our goal is to ensure the quality and competitiveness of services and to evaluate alternatives. Recruiting & Employment Services provides the connection to obtain and maintain these goals.

Temporary staffing is available to departments to complete day-to-day work while posting and recruiting for a replacement OR  for extra assistance to complete a short-term project.




Temporary Staffing Guidelines

STEP 1: Generating the Paperwork

Department completes and sends to the appropriate VP Coordinator theTemporary Agency Staffing Request Form detailing the following:

Job duties (noting word processing or other skills and requirements). Not sure? Visit our Temporay Staffing Title page.

Dates (not to exceed four months).

Hours, Location, Account #

Contact Person's name/phone#

Note: Only an individual with signatory authority for the billed account may authorize by signing the form. If using RF Funds, Department completes and signs a Research Foundation Purchase Requisition Form with Account Numbers.

Step 2: VP Coordinator Review

VPC reviews the request —  including the RF Purchase Requisition if RF Funds are being used — and either faxes it to (631) 632-2338, scans it to  or mails it to Human Resources, Recruitment  390 Administration Building, Z=0751.

Step 3: HR Recruiting Review 

Recruiting then places the order with the appropriate Temporary Staffing Agency based on our normal process. If the first agency contacted is not able to staff our needs within 24 hours, Recruiting will contact the next vendor until a temp is identified.

Step 4: Temp Identified

Once a temp has been identified, the Agency will contact Recruiting. Recruiting will contact the department with the information, with a copy to the VP Coordinator/Dean's Office.

Recruiting will remind the Staffing Agency that the temp will be asked to produce a Photo ID and that this will be copied for our records.

Step 5: Parking

Departments are not responsible for paying for temporary staff parking. The Temp. and/or Temporary Staffing Agency pays for parking. 

The Agency may be referred to Valarie Adamec in Parking Services at (631) 632-6328 or to Recruiting at (631) 632-1129 OR (631) 632-1757 regarding parking questions. 

Step 6: Photo ID

On the first day of the assignment, the department makes a copy of the Photo ID (Driver's License) and sends that exact copy (DO NOT FAX) to Recruiting at 390 Administration Building, Z=0751, being sure to indicate your department. Please do not fax a copy of the Photo ID, the quality is poor. Departments should note that if the Agency replaces a temp with another temp during the assignment, a copy of the new temp's ID must be sent to Human Resources.

Step 7: Campus ID

All Temporary Agency Staff will receive a University Campus ID Card. The department will send the Agency Temp to the Campus ID Card Office (West or East Campus locations) to obtain the badge. Agency Temps will receive an AffiliateCampus ID Card. Agency Temps are required to have and wear a University Campus ID Card in accordance with the appropriate policy. HR will enter the temp's information into PeopleSoft as soon as the Agency informs Recruiting about the assignment at the University.

The University Campus ID Card is the property of Stony Brook University and must be returned upon an assignment ending. Departments are responsible for collecting and forwarding the Campus ID Card to Recruiting.


Services are paid for through a journal transfer charged as a contractual service. All on-contract temp assignments are posted to an open HRS purchase order then funds are journal transferred to pay for the invoice based on time sheets signed-off by the supervisor.


If you are using CPMP funds, you will to contact your Department Administrator and arrange for them to place a temp staff personnel and liaison between CPMP and department for payment of services.


We have multiple contracts in which we work with Procurement to help get you the temp you need at the best price available to us. To view the list of temporary staffing titles and duties, visit:

Titles and Duties

In the rare event that a title is not covered by the contract, Recruiting & Employment Services will contact local agencies that employ temps with your specialty required and put the request out to bid with various local agencies. Once bids are received, Human Resource Services will advise the "hiring" department of the agency selected based on bill rate, ability to fill with a quality candidate and willingness to service us an employee.

A Temp Agency Staffing requisition must be completed and submitted to Recruiting & Employment Services. Recruiting will request a P.O. number from Procurement and will notify the department of this as soon as it is received if a new one needs to be generated. Recruiting will also provide this P.O. number to the Temp Agency for proper billing purposes.

Where RF Funds differ, the department must complete and forward to Recruiting a new Purchase Requisition.

This must be received prior to placement of temp staffing personnel. Please direct all inquiries to Recruiting.


To request an extension of a Temporary Staffing Firm employee assignment, please e-mail your area's VP/Dean's Coordinator and indicate the reason for the request.

The VP/Dean's Coordinator, where they support an extension, will then forward the request to HRS Recruiting & Employment Services for review at least one week before the end date of a temporary assignment.

Stony Brook University and The Research Foundation of SUNY are Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employers.


If you need to end the assignment early (e.g., perhaps the temp is not working out), the department should contact Recruiting, and ask for the temp assignment to be ended either with or without a replacement. The Temp Agency will contact their employee to advise them of the assignment end. The supervisor should collect any and all University/RF property provided including the ID Badge. Additionally, if any computer account(s) were established, the department is responsible to close the account(s).


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