Direct Deposit For Research Foundation Employees

Enrollment Information

The Electronic Direct Deposit Program offers employees greater flexibility in choosing a financial institution, and provides a cost-effective method of servicing the banking needs for The Research Foundation of SUNY at Stony Brook employees.

Eligible employees may elect to direct deposit their net salary into an account at any bank, savings and loan association, Federal or State chartered credit union, or similar institution that has Automated Clearing House (ACH) capabilities, and chooses to participate in the Research Foundation Electronic Direct Deposit Program. All financial institutions are required to have funds available at the opening of business on payday.

On payday, you will receive a direct deposit paystub (statement). The net amount on the paystub is the amount which was credited to your account.


If you wish to participate in the Electronic Direct Deposit Program:

  1. Complete the Direct Deposit enrollment form for Research Foundation employees. Please note that this is the only form we accept for enrollment and changes. Please attach a void personal check to the application, if you wish to deposit your check into your savings account, account number and bank routing number must be provided.
  2. Sign the enrollment form. The joint account holder, if applicable, must also sign the form.
  3. Completed form can be submitted at New Employee Orientation or mailed directly to:

Human Resource Services
Research Foundation Appointments & Payroll
390 Administration Building
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-0751

Electronic Direct Deposit Participation Requirements

Please refer to the second page of the enrollment application for participation requirements.