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University Counseling Center Student Mental Health Fund

Donations to the University Counseling Center help to sustain and expand on the availability of the Student Mental Health Fund, and continue to closely collaborate with campus partners on hosting mental health events that emphasize excellence in self-care and self-compassion, through great food, amazing puppies (through our PALS program), games, mindfulness exercises and, most of all, interactions with our proud, smiling faces before students embark on their challenging final exams and projects.

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Seawolves Mental Health Fund 

The Seawolves Mental Health Fund supports undergraduate and graduate students who do not have financial resources to afford costs of ongoing and longer-term care with community providers, copayments, transportation and other barriers to maintaining continuity of care. 

Help make mental health more accessible by supporting the Seawolves Mental Health fund! 


Once an online donation is made, the donor will receive an automated thank you confirmation email.

You can also donate by calling The Stony Brook Foundation at (631) 632-4887.