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Parents and Families

If you have clicked on this page, you are probably concerned about someone. Feel free to learn about how to help a student in the page below, or just give us a call anytime at (631) 632-6720 to talk through the situation and get individualized feedback. It is also important to remind you:

If a student may be in immediate danger, contact University Police by dialing 911 from a campus landline, or (631) 632-3333 from a cell phone or off-campus phone.

Parents and families play an important role in helping college students adjust, even when they live far away.

If you notice significant changes in your student's mood, behavior, communication or grades, it can be important to help your student seek help. There are many sources of support available on Stony Brook's campus, but unlike high school, a student needs to ask for it. We encourage you to become familiar with the services we offer at CAPS, and elsewhere on campus, so you can connect your student when they need assistance. If your student needs mental health support, encourage them to contact us at (631) 632-6720.

If you are concerned about your student, call us and we are happy to provide consultation and individualized recommendations to help them. We can help you determine how to respond in crises or emergencies, how to encourage your child to seek counseling, and how to connect your student with services available here at CAPS and in the nearby community. However, unless there is a health or safety emergency, we are unable to provide you with confidential information, including whether or not your child has been seen at CAPS, without written consent from your student.

Many students have received mental health services before coming to Stony Brook. We encourage parents and families to work with their student to develop a plan for continuing therapy and/or medication while they are at school. If a student needs longer term support, we are happy to provide referrals for nearby practitioners.

Questions? Call Us!