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Coordination of Care 

Coordination of care involves organizing patient care among providers in an effort to transition care from  one provider to another. Communication with the student and providers during transitions of care help ensure that the students needs and preferences for health services are met.

Referrals through our Care Managers

If you would like assistance with a referral to a provider or other resource in the community, our Care Manager can help.  The Care Manager will meet with you to understand your individualized needs, circumstances, and preferences and provide you with tailored referrals.  Our Care Managers can assist if you are seeking:

  • Long-term therapy
  • Specialized treatment
  • Community resources (e.g., food assistance, social services)

The Care Manager can assist with finding providers that are covered by your insurance or can help you find services if you don’t have access to health insurance.  With your consent, the Care Manager can interact with providers on your behalf to help secure a referral or appointment.  Referrals can be provided within the nearby community or in your home area. 

Sometimes a student’s needs or wants may exceed what CAPS can provide. In such instances, our Care Managers can assist you in identifying off-campus care.

Conditions or situations which are most often beyond our Scope of Care include:

  • Severe mood or anxiety disorder
  • A psychotic disorder
  • Chronic suicidal risk/behavior and/or a history of multiple psychiatric hospitalizations
  • Eating disorder
  • Moderate to severe alcohol or drug problem
  • Moderate to severe PTSD or an interest/need for intensive or specialized post trauma treatment
  • Other concerns that require a highly structured, intensive or specialized treatment program (eg/ severe OCD or moderate to severe personality disorder)

If you are in search of a community resource, we partner with ThrivingCampus to make it easier for you to connect with off-campus provider.

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