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Summer & Fall Course Enrollment Information

Summer course listings are available on the  Summer Sessions Website,  in SBU Class Find,  and on  SOLAR.

Students are encouraged to  enroll early for best course selection. Before enrolling, visit the   Action Center  ( SOLAR  home screen, upper left side) to see if you have any holds that might prevent you from processing your registration. If you have a hold, click on the link provided to find out how to remove it. Most holds (e.g., signing the Financial Responsibility Statement, submitting proof of health insurance, signing up for SB Alert, etc.) can be resolved right within SOLAR.


Summer Information

Monday, April 1, 2019:  All students (new, continuing and non-matriculated) can enroll for Summer Session courses.

Course and tuition information  are available on the   Summer Session  website. 


  • Session 1 begins on May 28 and ends on July 6.

    The online term begins on May 28 and ends on August 5. (Online courses will be open on May 15.)
  • Session 2  begins on July 8 and ends on August 17. 
  • View complete Summer Session calendar information.

Fall Information

Monday, April 1, 2019:   Continuing graduate students can begin to enroll for Fall courses based on their number of credits. Most SPD students won't be able to enroll until Wednesday, April 4. Please be sure to check your enrollment appointment in SOLAR.

Monday April 22, 2019:  Newly matriculated and non-matriculated (GSP) students can enroll for Fall courses.

Course listings are available on   SBU Class Find and on   SOLAR.

Tuition and billing information can be found on the   Bursar's  website. Once you're enrolled, your tuition bill will be posted in SOLAR on July 15, 2019.  Payment is due on August 15, 2019.  

The Fall term begins on   August 26 .   Online courses will be available in Blackboard on August 15.  View complete academic calendar information.


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