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Tuition and Fee Rates

Per-Credit Rate Tables: Spring 2023

Please select the relevant rate table for your tuition group. These rate tables are provided as PDFs.

Undergraduate Graduate Master Of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Social Work (MSW) Physician Assistant Physical Therapy
Online Out Of State
Rate Information
Master of Health Administration Doctorate of Nursing Practice

Course Fees

Please note that depending on specific course enrollment, additional course fees may apply to offset the costs of chemicals, supplies, materials and maintenance associated with particular courses. For detailed information, including eligible courses and fee rates, please visit:

Broad Based Fees (Comprehensive Fee)

For more information regarding specific fees visit:

Required Student Health Insurance

All full-time, domestic students at Stony Brook are automatically billed for the University Health Insurance plan at the beginning of each semester.  All full time non-matriculated students will be billed the Student Health Insurance Charge.

The cost of this insurance is $1,710.04 for Fall 2022.
The cost of this insurance is $2,369.46 for Spring23/Summer23.

The Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is applicable to domestic students. The International Student Health Insurance is applicable to all International Exchange, Research & Study Programs.

If a student already has comparable health insurance coverage through a job or through a relative's insurance plan, a waiver of the required insurance may be completed online through SOLAR.

For more information regarding the insurance plan, and the waiver process, please visit the Student Health Services website.

Housing and Meal Plan

Dormitory and Apartments Room Rates

Residence Hall and Apartment room rates are listed on the Campus Residence's website. Please visit their rates page for the most current information:

Meal Plans

All undergraduate students who reside in the residence halls, who are in their first or second semester of enrollment at Stony Brook are required to enroll in a Resident Meal Plan, regardless of the residence hall in which they reside.

Resident students who live in a residence hall designated as non-cooking must enroll in a Resident Meal Plan, regardless of class year or tenure at Stony Brook. Students who are required to participate in a meal plan are billed for the full semester cost of the Resident Meal Plan they select.

More information regarding meal plan options and rates is provided on the Campus Dining website:

International Student Fees

International Student Health Insurance

The Student Health Insurance (SHIP) is applicable to domestic students. The International Student Health Insurance is applicable to all International Exchange, Research & Study Programs. Detailed information is provided on the Student Health Services website.

Fall 2022 International Student Health Insurance plan:  $1,076.25   ($1,038.64 & 37.50 MedEx)
Effective from 8/15/22 - 1/14/23.

Spring-Summer 2023 International Student Health Insurance plan:  $1,491.14 ($1,438.64 & $52.50 MedEx)
Effective from 1/15/23 - 8/15/23.

International Student Service Fee

The International Student Service Fee is charged to all F-1 and J-1 students. This fee supports services related to advice and assistance to non-immigrant students in obtaining and maintaining valid immigration status in the United States as well as costs related for compliance with United States government regulations. The fee covers individual and group counseling to students in adjusting to life in the United States and the American system of education.

The cost of this fee is $100.00.

Late Fees

Late Registration Fee

The late registration fee is assessed to students who register on or after the first day of classes. This fee is $50.00. Please see the academic calendar for more information regarding this charge.

Late Payment Fee

A late fee is charged each month your semester bill remains unpaid or is not deferred by financial aid. This charge is assessed on or after the 15th of each month. This is charged at a rate of up to $50 each month, and up to $200 per semester. Please pay by the due date shown on your Billing Notification E-mail sent to your e-mail account.