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EDL Interns Prepare To Take Their Next Steps

Online Event Helps Graduating Students Hone Interviewing Skills

On Saturday, December 5, Stony Brook's Educational Leadership (EDL) program held an online  event that paired EDL interns with faculty interviewers to simulate real-world job interviewing experiences. SBU EDL Internship Supervisor, Dr. Cheryl Scheidet and faculty member Kristine Cucinello hosted the event via Zoom, with guidance and assistance from Julie Sharma of CELT. 

According to faculty member Dr. Antoinette McLeod, the EDL program emphasizes "authentic performance activities," such as interviews. " The virtual Interview represents a culminating experience where students engage in all the steps associated with application for a leadership position," she wrote in an email.  "The students reviewed district data, composed cover letters, and updated resumes" to prepare.

At this virtual event, 13 EDL interns participated in two 30-minute interview sessions that were held in private Zoom breakout rooms.  The faculty interviewers reviewed the candidates' resumes and conducted interviews as though they were hiring for administrative positions.

This type of activity is usually conducted in person, so not everyone was convinced it would work well in an virtual format. EDL Assistant Director Dr. Ken Forman admitted, "  I was dubious that such an online process could be successful.  How wrong I was!  I interviewed two candidates who clearly articulated their desire to be educational leaders and were highly receptive to the give and take conversation initiated through each conversation...I have to commend Dr. Cheryl Scheidet and Ms. Kristine Cucinello for their commitment and support in making this event highly successful!"


At the end of each session, the faculty interviewers provided the interns with expert feedback on their resumes and interview performance, and shared an insider's view about what school leaders are looking for in leadership candidates. 

To reach the internship stage in their program, EDL students will have completed all of their required course work and are earning observation hours in school districts and buildings. The internship is the last step on their academic journey before they graduate and start looking for leadership positions.


In their one-on-one discussion, the interns were provided guidance on resume writing and interviewing skillsThe interviews were held through Zoom in 13 Zoom Break-out Rooms. Each Intern had two 30-minute interviews/feedback sessions.

Dr. Scheidet as very enthusiastic about the event, "The event was a huge success. We received so much positive feedback from our interviewers and students alike."

Dr. McLeod concurs. "As an instructor and interviewer, I had the opportunity to observe how students applied knowledge, skills, and experience as they addressed questions with poise and confidence.The Virtual Interview Event reminded me why I  am proud to be part of the Stony Brook University EDL team."

The EDL Candidates Virtual Authentic Interviewing Event was a huge success. Comments from participants included,  (see testimonials attached) 

Dr. Cheryl Scheidet and Ms. Cucinello would like to thank the EDL faculty volunteers for their willingness to participate in this important event and for the guidance provided to the EDL Candidates. 

The faculty interviewers who graciously volunteered their time and expertise included Richard Bernato, Patricia Blake, Joseph Centamore, Brian Doelger, Kenneth Forman, David Helme, Antoinette MacCloud, Jeffrey Soloff, Raymond Sommerstad, Donald Sternberg, Robert Tymann, and Jarvis Watson.

Their expertise and professionalism is genuinely appreciated. In the future, Dr. Cheryl Scheidet and Ms. Cucinello hope to extend this great experience to more EDL interns.