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Semester by the Sea:
Post-Baccalaureate Student Participants

Have you finished your undergraduate degree but would like to...

  • gain additional experience in marine science, environmental studies, or maritime cultural studies?
  • strengthen or broaden your transcript before applying to graduate school?
  • learn more about the marine habitats and organisms of eastern Long Island?

Join us in the Semester by the Sea through Stony Brook University's Graduate School and earn up to 18 undergraduate credits as a Non-Matriculated Graduate Student.  Read through the guidelines posted on the Graduate School website carefully.  Be sure you understand all requirements before submitting the $25 nonrefundable application fee.  Post-bac students in the Semester by the Sea program must enroll in at least 3 courses at Southampton.

To apply:

1) Email Kurt Bretsch with your name, undergrad school, degree earned, GPA, transcripts (as an attachment), and any additional information that might be useful in determining if the Semester by the Sea program is a good fit for your career or grad school plans.  Include the names of at least 3 Southampton courses in which you would like to enroll (be sure to read through the prerequisites first).  Total course load must be at least 9 credits.  Post-bacs are NOT required to take the core courses (but can!).  Internship and Research credits may not count toward your total minimum course load.

2) After receiving approval to proceed, follow the application instructions on the Graduate School website.  Where appropriate, identify yourself as SBTS cohort.

3) If interested in on-campus housing, follow instructions below.

On-campus housing

Southampton dorms are designed to accommodate mature, self-sufficient students.  Living spaces are suite-style with communal kitchen, social areas, and bathrooms.  Graduate students from the Health Sciences program and Arts program at Southampton are intermingled with graduate and undergraduate Semester by the Sea students.

To sign up for housing as a Graduate Semester by the Sea student, email Campus Residences ( ) with your name, target semester, and preference for single/double (can not always be met).  Be sure to identify yourself as being in the Graduate SBTS cohort.  Be aware that matriculated students have housing priority, but if space is available, non-matriculated Graduate students can dorm at Southampton.