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Current Stony Brook Undergraduates

As a SBU student, participation is easy!  No application is required.  During your normal enrollment period, simply select the courses you would like to take at Southampton.  To be considered a SBTS student, you must enroll in at least 3 Southampton courses.

For the fully immersive Semester by the Sea experience (living and taking all courses at Southampton), students should participate as a junior or senior after foundation courses and other main campus obligations have been fulfilled.

While SBU students can also take classes at the main campus as a SBTS student, be aware that the commute is ~ 1 hour one way.  Inter-campus shuttle service is provided, but the schedule is limited.  Students should look carefully at their course schedule and travel times before selecting this option. Students are advised to plan their SBTS experience to maximize Southampton courses while in residence at Southampton.

SoMAS MAJORS: start planning your participation in the Semester by the Sea from year 1!  Focus on completing your introductory and prerequisite (bio, chem, physics, calculus) courses at main campus during your first two to three years.  Aslo work on your SBC courses but consider waiting to fulfill your SBC-USA requirement with the SBTS's MAR 356 course.

If you would like academic advisement, make an appointment with SoMAS's Undergraduate Advisor Nancy Black or email the SBTS program Director, Kurt Bretsch with specific questions.  Also, watch for announcements for information sessions offered at the main campus each semester, typically adverstised in Nancy Black's Wednesday Wave, the weekly newsletter for SoMAS undergraduates.

Click here for a virtual tour of the suites in the Southampton Campus residence halls.  To sign up for campus housing, complete this form and fill in the required information (only current matriculated students may log in). Use your Stony Brook email to sign in.  SBU Housing will then contact you to complete the process.  Be sure to pay your $200 room deposit via SOLAR.  Contact Campus Residences with any questions (

Housing assignments will be completed and emailed to you ~ 1month prior to the start of the semester.

Fall participants returning to main campus in the spring are prioritized for housing on a space-available basis.  Preferences for main campus room locations occur later in the fall.

Interested in earning a Minor in Marine Science?
Complete the SBTS program (15 credits of MAR courses) and Introduction to Oceanography in the fall or spring (main campus) or in a condensed 2-week class at Southampton in the summer.  MVB and MAR majors are not eligible for this option.
Marine Science Minor requirements can be viewed here (scroll to bottom).