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Jessica Schleider, Ph.D.

Harvard University (2018)

Jessica Schleider


Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology

Prof. Schleider is no longer on faculty at Stony Brook University. She is now an Associate Professor in the Department of Medical Social Sciences at Northwestern University.

Research Overview:

Efforts to prevent and treat youth mental health problems have advanced greatly, but they have not reduced overall rates of youth mental illness. Low access to services exacerbates this problem: In the United States, up to 80% of youths in need of psychological services never access them. My research program aims to help address this discrepancy by:

  1. Developing brief, accessible interventions to help reduce mental health problems at scale, with a focus on adolescent depression and related disorders;
  2. Identifying mechanisms of change and treatment-matching strategies to build potent, personalized interventions;
  3. Testing novel approaches to dissemination in non-traditional settings (beyond brick-and-mortar clinics)

Towards these objectives, my work focuses on two interconnected targets that I expect to inform the design of such interventions: familial processes, such as parents’ expectancies for psychotherapy and caregiving behaviors, and youth cognitions, such perceived control, hopelessness, and beliefs about whether personal traits are malleable (versus fixed) by nature.


Recent Representative Publications:

Full publication history available here. Papers listed below are especially representative of our lab’s ongoing and upcoming research.

* = student/mentee author

​ Schleider, J.L., *Dobias, M.L., *Sung, J.Y., *Mullarkey, M.C. (2020). Future directions in single-session youth mental health interventions. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 49, 264-278. PDF 

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Schleider, J.L., *Sung, J.Y., *Bianco, A., Gonzalez, A., Vivian, D., & *Mullarkey, M.C. (in press). Open pilot trial of a single-session consultation service for clients on psychotherapy waitlists. The Behavior Therapist​. PDF

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