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Daniel Klein, Ph.D.

State University of New York at Buffalo (1983)
Distinguished Professor, Clinical Psychology


Office: Psychology A-338
Phone: (631) 632-7859

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Dr. Klein plans to admit a new graduate student pending approval of funding.

Research Interests:

Dr. Klein is interested in developmental psychopathology and adult psychopathology, particularly mood disorders in children, adolescents, and adults. His research explores the intergenerational transmission of depression; the roles of temperament and emotional reactivity, and early adversity in the development and course of mood disorders; the long-term course and continuity of mood disorders; the classification of mood disorders; comorbidity between depression and other disorders; and the psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacological treatment of depressive disorders.

Current Research:  

Dr. Klein is currently directing a longitudinal study of the role of early temperament and emotional style in the development of later mood and anxiety disorders in a large community sample of children. The children were assessed at ages 3, 6, 9, and 12, and an assessment at age 15 is currently underway. The study uses multiple measurement strategies to assess potential risk, protective, mediating, and moderating factors in multiple domains, including child emotional reactivity and regulation, executive functioning, psychopathology, psychophysiological and behavioral measures of biases in processing emotional information, susceptibility genes, stress and pubertal hormones, parenting, environmental and family stress, and parental personality and psychopathology. In addition, resting state and task-related functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) measures were collected on a subset of the larger sample. 

Dr. Klein is also continuing to work with data sets from several past studies, including several multi-site clinical trials of the treatment of chronically depressed adults; a family and follow-up study of chronically depressed adult outpatients; and a family and follow-up study of a large community sample of adolescents. 

Recent Publications: 

In press

Beauchaine, T. P., Klein, D. N., Knapton, E. & Zisner, A. R. (in press). Anhedonia in depression: Assessment, mechanisms, and therapeutics. In J. Quevedo, A. F. Carvalho, & C. A. Zarate (Eds.),  Neurobiology of Depression . Elsevier. 
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Current Research Support:

National Institute of Mental Health (RO1 MH 069942), "Temperamental emotionality in preschoolers and depression risk."
2004 - 2019. $6,789,330 (direct costs)
Principal Investigator (Co-Is: Gabrielle Carlson, Greg Hajcak, Joanne Davila, Thomas Olino)  

National Institute of Mental Health Grant R56 (MH117116) “Gene expression and vulnerability to depression." 
2018-2020.  $940,865 (direct costs)
Multiple Principal Investigators (Klein and Kotov)

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (U02 OH011321), “Personality-informed care model for 9/11-related comorbid conditions.”
2016-2021. $2,283,267 (direct costs)
Co-Investigator (PI: Roman Kotov) 

National Institute of Mental Health (R21 MH108766) “Targeting biomarkers of risk for depression and anxiety through a parenting intervention”
2016-2018.  $275,000 (direct costs).
Co-Investigator (PIs: Kristin Bernard and Greg Hajcak). 

National Institute of Mental Health (RO1 MH 097767), “Trajectories of reward sensitivity and depression across adolescence”.
2018-2022. $2,588,487 (direct costs)
Co-Investigator (PI: Brady Nelson) 

National Institute of Mental Health (R21 MH111999), “Role of Top-down factors in threat perception in anxiety”.
2017-2019 .  $275,000 (direct costs)
Co-Investigator (PI: Aprajita Mohanty)

National Institute of Mental Health (R03 MH110637), “A developmental exploration of the RDoC social processes domain: Mapping brain-behavior trajectories“.
2016-2018.   $100,000 (direct costs)
Co-Investigator (PI: Andrew Belden)

Primary Mentor on Graduate Fellowship Awards:

National Institute of Mental Health Predoctoral National Research Service Award to Ellen M. Kessel

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship to Megan Finsaas 

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