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Sheri R. Levy, Ph.D.

Columbia University (1998)
Office: Psychology B-244

Phone: (631) 632-4355
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Professor, Social and Health Psychology
pronouns: she/her/hers

Dr. Sheri Levy plans to admit a new graduate student pending approval of funding.

Research Interests:

Ageism and Intergenerational Relations; Climate Action; Discrimination, Prejudice, Stereotyping, and Stigma; Education and Social Policies about Aging; Human Rights, Global Health, and Disparities; Politics; Beliefs Systems, and Intergroup Relations; Social Support; Role Models and Mentors, Social Identity and Transitions; Student Engagement in STEM Fields.

Current Research:

Dr. Sheri R. Levy and her research team study factors that cause and maintain prejudice, stigmatization, and negative intergroup relations and that can be harnessed to reduce bias, marginalization, and discrimination. In one line of research on ageism, Levy developed a model for reducing ageism and promoting intergenerational peace called the PEACE (Positive Education about Aging and Contact Experiences) model. This model integrates findings and theorizing from several literatures including psychology, gerontology, social work, sociology, and medicine. Her research team has shown that PEACE model interventions promote increased aging knowledge as well as reduce negative stereotyping of and attitudes toward older adults, aging anxiety, and concerns about aging. 

Across lines of research, Levy’s team considers the potential intersectionality of ableism, ageism, heterosexism, racism, and sexism. To obtain a fuller understanding of intergroup processes, Levy’s team studies different age groups (individuals ages 9 and older) in educational, healthcare, and workplace settings in several countries (Colombia, the Philippines, and the United States) and uses a variety of methodologies including archival data, relatively brief experiments in the laboratory, brief in-person surveys in the local community, nationwide telephone surveys, online surveys, cross-sectional longitudinal studies, and daily and weekly diary studies. Levy’s team examines social, academic, health, and workplace outcomes such as academic engagement and persistence, anxiety, career interests, group identification, interpersonal closeness, prejudice, psychological well-being, stereotyping, and voting preferences. 

Levy is a United Nations Representative for the Non-Government Organization, Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (APA Division 9),with a focus on aging, climate action, eliminating racism, gender equality, and human rights. Levy was Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Social Issues. She writes a blog for Psychology Today and created a web-based resource called “Taking Ageism Seriously” (  

We invite you to look around our website and check out what we do. 

Recent Publications:

NOTE: Single asterisk (*) refers to past and current graduate student collaborators. Double asterisks (**) refers to past and current undergraduate student collaborators.

Levy, S.R., & Gu, D. (in press). Adult Lifespan Development is Largely Missing from the PK-12 Health Standards:A Risk Factor for U.S. Society. The Gerontologist.

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(Honorable Mention for Otto Klineberg Intercultural and International Relations Prize competition)

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