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Welcome to Undergraduate Psychology

The study of psychology provides an understanding of the biological, cognitive, social, and clinical origins of behavior, thought, and emotion, and the methods that psychologists use to investigate them. Knowledge of psychological principles and the ability to evaluate theories and research are essential in our rapidly changing society.

The Stony Brook Department of Psychology was founded in 1965 and is one of Stony Brook's largest and strongest undergraduate departments. The department has a long history of accomplishments in teaching and research. Members of the department have received awards for their excellence in teaching at university, state, and national levels. In addition, many are nationally and internationally renowned researchers. As a consequence, the department provides a range of opportunities for undergraduate participation in research and teaching.

The Department of Psychology offers undergraduate programs leading to a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree or a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree. Both programs provide a broad overview of psychology and related fields. The B.S. program places relatively more emphasis on the natural sciences and mathematics. The Department does not offer a minor in Psychology.

Both the B.A. and B.S. programs provide students with a background of fundamental subject matter that will equip them for graduate study in related fields. The Psychology major is also beneficial for students seeking careers that involve knowledge about interpersonal relationships such as medicine, education, law, or management, and for those seeking careers in business and marketing. 

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