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Psychology Department Grievance Procedures 

There is a Psychology Department Grievance Committee, appointed yearly by the Psychology Department Chair. 
Any member of the faculty, graduate, or undergraduate constituencies who feels that he or she has not received fair treatment because of capricious, arbitrary, discriminatory or other improper action on the part of any representative or agency of the Department, or its constituent bodies, may ask the Grievance Committee to investigate.  

Upon submission of a written complain to any grievance committee member the committee shall convene within 14 days to undertake investigation.  Any members involved shall disqualify themselves from consideration of that case.  Hearings to solicit other testimony are at the committee's discretion, but all parties directly involved have the right to address the committee in person and to present relevant testimony and witnesses.  Findings and recommendations shall be reported to the department chair with copies to the parties directly involved.  The committee shall undertake investigation of a case only upon submission of a written complaint to a member of the Committee.  Investigations shall be conducted in strict confidence and without publicity.

The above procedure applies only to complaints against a constituent of the department. The department chair may be able to suggest the appropriate means for resolution of complaints against others if it is unclear where a complaint may be addressed.  

Grievance Committee Members:

Dr. Marci Lobel
Dr. Ryan Parsons
Dr. Lauren Richmond
Dr. Nicholas Eaton

In addition to the Grievance Committee, complaints can be taken to the Director of Clinical Training, the Director of Graduate Studies in Psychology, or the Chair of the Department. The Graduate School of Stony Brook University also has information on grievances, and students obtain an orientation to the graduate school when they enter the program. The Grievances and Appeals procedures are available on line and a copy of the full document is also available in the graduate office.

The University also provides a Graduate Student Advocate

What does the Graduate Student Advocate (GSA) do?

Like the Ombuds Office, the GSA exists to help you resolve problems you encounter during your time at Stony Brook. In many situations, you might only need more information or some help finding and contacting the appropriate people within the University. Since navigating this bureaucracy can be overwhelming at times-especially for graduate students, who already have more than enough pressures on them-this office was created to ensure that graduate student's needs are specifically addressed.