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***Forms are returned to the Graduate Office for your file.***

1) Completed two SDI’s (one must be PSY 310)

SDI Pre-Approval Form

2) Master Degree Forms

a. 'Second Year Paper' approval form Second Year Paper/M.A. Research Paper

b.  'MA Completion' form (signed by Advisor, Area Director, Chair and Director). Submit a final copy of your Second Year Paper to the Graduate Office. This is the only paper we keep on file. MA Completion Form

c.  Apply for graduation on line at the Graduate School web site.

3) Specialties Exam Forms

a)  Both SDI's must be completed and signed by the graduate director before advancement. 

b)  Recommendation of Specialties Exam Committee (signed by advisor, area head and director) Committee must be approved at least four weeks prior to the exam. Recommendation of Specialty Examination Committee

c)  Signed "Specialty Exam Performance" form.  Bring with you when you defend your specialties.  Specialty Exam Performance

d)  Signed "Advancement to Candidacy" form.  Bring with you when you defend your specialties.  Advancement to Candidacy

4) Dissertation

a)  Request a 4 member committee (2 inside area, 1 outside, 1 area outside program-need vita if not a SBU person).  Only director signature required. Committee  must be approved a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the exam.  Recommendation for Doctoral Dissertation Committee

b)  Defend dissertation proposal. Bring "Dissertation Proposal" form with you for committee signature.   Dissertation Proposal

c)  Send "Defense Announcement" to Graduate Office in correct format at least 21 days before actual defense.  Before you send in announcement, talk to the undergraduate administrator about booking a room. Defense Announcement

d)  Defend dissertation.  Bring "Oral Defense of Dissertation" form with you for committee signature.  Oral Defense Dissertation

e) Signature Page: Signature pages are completed electronically by using the following link* Students are responsible for starting the process of completing their signature page after a successful defense. The Graduate School must receive the signature page prior to the dissertation deadline, as this is the main indicator that the dissertation has committee approval.

5) Completion of Graduate Studies

Complete 'Completion of Graduate Studies' form including 'Completion Statement of Addendum. PhD Completion

Completion Statement of Addendum