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Everett Waters, Ph.D.

University of Minnesota (1977)
Professor, Social and Health Psychology
Dr. Everett Waters is no longer accepting new students for graduate training.


Office: Psychology B-358
Phone: (631) 632-7845

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Research Interests:

Attachment and secure base relationships (infancy to adulthood), observation & measurement

Current Research:

Dr. Waters is engaged in a wide range of research on attachment relationships from infancy through adulthood. This work focuses on direct observations of secure base behavior in naturalistic and laboratory settings, and on the mental representations of experience in secure base relationships. Recent studies have examined parent-child and marital relationships over periods of 10-20 years. As co-founder of the New York Attachment Consortium, Dr. Waters is also involved in a wide range of collaborative research and programs that advance the Bowlby-AInsworth tradition of attachment study.

Representative Publications:

Waters, H. & Waters, E.  The content and structure of attachment working models: Script-like representations of early secure base experience. (Monograph in preparation.)

Waters, E., Vaughn, B., & Waters, H.S.  Measuring Attachment.  New York: Guilford Press. (Under contract for 2015.)

Grossmann, K.E., Bretherton, I., Waters, E., & Grossmann, K. (2014). Eds. Maternal sensitivity: Mary Ainsworth’s enduring influence on attachment theory, research, and clinical applications.  London: Routledge (Taylor & Francis).

Eagle, M., (Chapters 1-3 in collaboration with E. Waters) (2013).  Attachment and Psychoanalysis:Theory, Research, and Clinical Applications. New York: Guilford Press.

Grossmann, K.E., Betherton, I., & Waters, E. & Grossmann, K.(Guest Eds.) (2013). Maternal Sensitivity: Papers in honor of Mary Ainsworth’s 100th Year.  Attachment and Human Development (15)nos. 5-6.

Waters, E., Vaughn, B. & Waters, H. (Eds.) (In press, 2012). Measuring attachment. New York: Guilford.

Waters, E. & McIntosh, J. (2011).  Are we asking the right questions about attachment? Family Court Review, 49, 474-482.

Petters, D. & Waters, E. (2010).  AI, attachment theory, and simulating secure base behaviour: Dr. Bowlby meet the Reverend Bayes. Symposium on AI Inspired Biology. The Society for The Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour. Published on-line at

Current Research Support: 

Center for Mental Health Promotion ($15,000 fund established with Stony Brook Foundation July 2007).  This grant provides continuing support for the teaching, mentorship, scholarly conferences, and awards programs of the NY Attachment Consortium.

Center for Mental Health Promotion "Continuing Support for NY Attachment Consortium" 
1/2001- 6/2006 $350,000 (total costs)
Harriet Waters (Principal Investigator)