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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

There are numerous opportunities for undergraduate physics and astronomy students to participate in research, to apply for financial support, and to present or publish their work. In addition to opportunities here at Stony Brook, many organizations, including universities, national laboratories, and companies, sponsor research opportunities for undergraduates each summer. Interested students are encouraged to consult the web pages below and to follow links to the sources.

For students outside of Stony Brook interested in summer research we would like bring your attention to our REU program.

Another important resource we have that provides research opportunities to both internal and external students is the Laser Teaching Center.

Research Opportunities During the Year
  • Accelerator Physics (Van de Graaff, BNL)
  • Astronomy (optical, infrared, neutron stars, supernovae, experiment, theory)
  • Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (AMO)  (mostly with lasers, experiment, theory)
  • Brookhaven National Lab (BNL) (many fields)
  • Condensed Matter Physics (low temperature, device physics, experiment, theory)
  • High Energy Particle Physics (Fermilab, CERN, Super Kamiokande)
  • Physical Biology (Laufer Center)
  • Nuclear Physics  (Van de Graaff, RHIC at BNL Antarctica, CEBAF)
  • Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics (theory)

Approximately half of our majors in Astronomy and Physics do research at least once during their career at Stony Brook.  The courses they take are numbered 287 for sophomore-level students  and 487 for juniors and seniors.  

Find support/funding for your research
Present or publish your research!