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Undergraduate Astronomy

Astronomy Director of Undergraduate Studies: Michael Zingale

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers undergraduate courses in astronomy leading to both a major and a minor, as well as a variety of courses for the non-scientist. The major in astronomy leading to a Bachelor of Science degree aims at giving the student maximum preparation to pursue graduate and professional work. The minor in astronomy provides a rigorous introduction to the discipline without requiring the breadth, and the corresponding investment of course work, as the major. A major leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Earth & Space Sciences, offered through the Geosciences Department is designed to meet the needs of students who desire a more diverse liberal arts and sciences background. It prepares the student to pursue careers in teaching, law, environmental science, or research.

Requirements for the Major and Minor in Astronomy (link to UG Bulletin)

Sample course sequence for the Major in Astronomy (link to UG Bulletin)