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Alphabetical Listing of Staff
Bee, Christopher
Bentley, Jin
Berscak, Rich
Borodin, Anatoliy
Carrano, Helen
Chang, Sherry
Chin, Frank
Clivilles-Ramos, Gloria
Coakley, Avril
Dalimil, Mazac
Delquaglio, Socoro
DiMatteo, Paul
Diaferia, Diane
Eksi, James
Grove, Vicki
Hillenbrand, Tracy
Huether, Dawn
Hung, Chi
Jones, Eric
Lefferts, Richard
Leoce-Schappin, Nathan
Liang, Xue
Ng, Kim-Kwee
Nielsen, Bent
Petrushina, Irina
Pollydore, Flora
Russo, Susan
Sheehan, Donald
Singh, Vaneet
Slechta, Jeffrey
Thomas, Jeffrey
Vera-Viteri, Marlene
Wijesekara, Kanishka
Williams, Sharon

Christopher Bee, Senior Research Scientist. Ph.D. University of Lancaster, 1983. Particle physics. Office: Physics D-140, Phone: (631)-632-8298.

Jin Bentley, Lead Business and Grant Manager. Office: Physics P-107, Phone: (631)-632-8080.

Rich Berscak, Building Manager. Office: Physics P-115, Phone: (631)-632-8042.

Anatoliy Borodin, Research Scientist. Ph.D. Stony Brook University, 2016.

Helen Carrano, Staff Assistant Office: Math Tower 6-1118, Phone: (631)-632-7983.

Sherry Chang, Associate Director of University Libraries for Public Services and Head of Math/Physics/Astronomy Library. Office: Physics C-130, Phone: (631)-632-7145.

Frank Chin, Director of Laboratories Office: Physics P-109, Phone: (631)-632-8090.

Gloria Clivilles-Ramos, Project Staff Associate. Office: Physics D-133, Phone: (631)-632-8095.

Avril Coakley, Research Administrator Office: Physics D-103.

Mazac Dalimil, Research Scientist. Ph.D. University of Waterloo, 2017. Con field theory. Office: 511, Phone: (631)-632-2868.

Socoro Delquaglio, Research Administrator Office: Physics C-136, Phone: (631)-632-8757.

Paul DiMatteo, Lab Equipment Designer. Office: Physics S-179, Phone: (631)-632-8073.

Diane Diaferia, Assistant Director Undergraduate Program. Office: Physics P-110, Phone: (631)-632-8036.

James Eksi, Supervisor of the Physics and Astronomy Department Machine and Electronics Shop. Office: Physics S-277, Phone: (631)-632-8074.

Vicki Grove, Grants Manager. Office: Physics P-110, Phone: (631)-632-9464.

Tracy Hillenbrand, Research Administrator. Office: Physics D-133, Phone: (631)-632-8098.

Dawn Huether, Assistant to the Director of the C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics. Office: Math Tower 6-106, Phone: (631)-632-7979.

Chi Hung, Senior Programmer/Analyst. Ph.D Stony Brook University, 1997. Nuclear theory. Office: Math Tower 5-101, Phone: (631)-632-4157.

Eric Jones, Academic Laser Scientist. Ph.D. University of Nebraska, 2019. Amo. Phone: (631)-632-4303.

Richard Lefferts, Technical Staff. Office: VdG - 7, Phone: (631)-632-8169/(631)-632-8153.

Nathan Leoce-Schappin, Department Administrator. Office: Physics P-104, Phone: (631)-632-8066.

Xue Liang, Staff Research.

Kim-Kwee Ng, Computer Specialist. Ph.D. State University of New York at Stony Brook. Astrophysics. Office: Physics D-113, Phone: (631)-632-8189.

Bent Nielsen, Manager Instructional Laboratories Ph.D.. Office: Physics B-108A, Phone: (631)-632-9753.

Irina Petrushina, Research Scientist. Ph.D. Stony Brook University, 2019. Accelerator physics. Office: Physics C-119.

Flora Pollydore, Library Clerk. Office: Physics C-130, Phone: (631)-632-7145.

Susan Russo, Research Administrator Office: Physics A-113, Phone: (631)-632-8165.

Donald Sheehan III, Assistant Graduate Program Director. Office: Physics P-110, Phone: (631)-632-8759.

Vaneet Singh, Electrical Engineer. Phone: (631)-632-9490.

Jeffrey Slechta, Technical Staff. Office: Physics S-179, Phone: (631)-632-8073.

Jeffrey Thomas, Lab Equipment Designer. Office: Physics S-179, Phone: (631)-632-8073.

Marlene Vera-Viteri, Research Administrator Office: Physics C-136, Phone: (631)-632-8135.

Kanishka Wijesekara, Manager, Senior Laboratories Office: Physics S-106, Phone: (631)-632-4463.

Sharon Williams, Library Clerk. Office: Physics C-130, Phone: (631)-632-7145.