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For short descriptions of the courses offered by the Department, refer to the   Graduate Bulletin . for course instructors and times: follow link from the   Registrar's class listings , or search on SOLAR (note: Select the correct semester. We are on "West Campus"). The list below links to some of the WEB pages maintained by the professors teaching the courses, or to a course syllabus.

If you would like to know the course content in advance, please consult the webpages of earlier years or send an email to the instructor. The learning goals of all graduate courses can be found   here.  Please see the bottom of this webpage for University wide rules that apply to all courses.


Course (Credits) Offered Spring 2021 Fall 2020 Spring 2020 Fall 2019 Spring 2019 Fall 2018 Spring 2018 Fall 2017 Spring 2017 Fall 2016 Spring 2016 Fall 2015 Spring 2015
PHY 501, Classical Mechanics (3)     Teaney    Teaney   Teaney   Averin     Averin     Averin  
PHY 503, Mathematical Physics (3)     Verbaarschot   Zahed     Zahed     Teaney          
  PHY 504, Computational Methods (3)  MWF 9:15AM-10:10AM Calder     Calder     Calder     Calder     Calder        
PHY 505, Classical Electrodynamics (3) MWF 8:00AM-8:55AM  Verbaarschot   Zahed      Zahed     Teaney     Teaney     Teaney     Teaney
PHY 505, Classical Electrodynamics, Recitation F 9:15-11:15AM  Goldman   Goldman     Goldman     Teaney     Teaney     Teaney     Teaney
PHY 511, Quantum Mechanics I (3)    


585. 23 Supplemental QM- Goldman



585.23 Supplemental QM-Goldman (optional)

    Averin   Zahed      Zahed     Zahed  
PHY 512, Quantum Mechanics II (3)  TuTh 9:45AM-11:05AM Averin       Averin     Averin     Zahed     Zahed     Zahed   Zahed 
PHY 514, Research Instruments (3)     Metcalf   Metcalf     Metcalf     Metcalf     Metcalf     Metcalf  
PHY 515, Methods of Experimental Research (3)

 MoWe 1:00PM-3:50PM

TuTh 1:15PM-4:05PM

Du,McGrew,Schneble, Liu Liu, Du, McGrew, Weinacht   Liu, Jones, McGrew McGrew,   Figueroa,   Liu,   Koch    Liu Liu   Figueroa  Figueroa  Figueroa   Figueroa, Gurvitch, Lefferts   Schneble, Du, Lefferts   Du, Allison, Lefferts Allison, Aronson, Lefferts 
PHY 517, Astronomical Techniques (3) MW 4:25PM-7:25PM   von der Linden Walter    von der Linden     von der Linden     von der Linden     von der Linden     Lanzetta  
PHY 518, Applications of Synchroton Radiation(1-3)                     Stephens        
PHY 521, Stars (3)         Calder         Calder     Zingale     
PHY 522, Interstellar medium (3) TuTh 1:15PM-2:35PM  Armitage         Armitage           Perna      
PHY 523, Galaxies (3)     Lanzetta         Koda     Koda       Lanzetta   
PHY 524, Cosmology (3)


    Sehgal          Sehgal          Sehgal    
PHY 540, Statistical Mechanics (3)     Syritsin   Syritsyn   Syritsyn      Syritsyn     Korepin   Averin   
PHY 541, Advanced Statistical Mechanics (1-3) MWF 11:45AM-12:40PM  Shrock    Verbaarschot         Shrock       McCoy     McCoy  
PHY 542, Fundamentals of Accelerator Physics (1-2)  M 4:25PM-7:15PM  Fedurin, Kayran     Fedurin, Kayran     Fedurin, Kayran     Fedurin, Kayran     Fedurin, Kayran       Fedurin, Kayran, Stratakis  
PHY 543, RF Superconductivity(3) M 6:05PM-9:00PM Belomestnykh                        
PHY 546, Python (1) M 4:25PM-5:20PM    Fernandez-Serra     Fernandez-Serra     Fernandez-Serra      Zingale   Zingale      Zingale    
PHY 551, Nuclear Physics I (3)  MW 11:45AM-1:05PM Kharzeev      Kharzeev     Kharzeev     Kharzeev     Kharzeev     Kharzeev     Kiryluk
PHY 552, Nuclear Physics II (1-3)               Shuryak       Shuryak         Shuryak
PHY 555, Solid State I (3)     Fernandez-Serra   Fernandez Serra     Fernandez-Serra   Mihaly      Mihaly     Fidkowski  
PHY 556, Solid State Physics II (1-3)  TuTh 9:45AM-11:05AM Cano       Cano     Cano    Averin    Fidkowski    Fidkowski      Fidkowski  
PHY 557, Elementary Particle Physics (3) TuTh 8:00AM-9:20AM  Wilking,Piacquadio          Wilking   Piacquadio    Gonzalez-Garcia,Piacquadio      Gonzalez-Garcia   Gonzalez-Garcia 
PHY 558, Physical Biology (3)      Balaszi    Balaszi     Balazsi   Balazsi      Balazsi     Balazsi, Wang  
PHY 559, Biological Dynamics and Networks (3)  TuTh 3:00-4:20PM MacCarthy      MacCarthy     MacCarthy      MacCarthy       MacCarthy       MacCarthy   
PHY 561, Biology for Physical Scientist (1)  W 10:30AM-11:25AM TBA     TBA    TBA   Futcher    Green, Futcher     TBA    Green,Futcher
PHY 562, Lasers and Modern Optics (1-3)      Metcalf   Metcalf     Metcalf     Metcalf     Metcalf     Metcalf  
PHY 564, Advanced Accelerator Physics (1-3)     Litvinenko           Litvinenko          Litvinenko, Jing and Wang  
PHY 565, Quantum Electronics I (3)         Metcalf      Metcalf         Schneble         Schneble
PHY 566, Quantum Electronics II (1-3)      Schneble   Weinacht     Schneble Schneble      Weinacht      Schneble  
PHY 567,  Theoretical Chemical Physics (3) MWF 9:15AM-10:10AM Allison, Levine                        
PHY 582, Optics Rotation (2) Offered  Jones  Jones      Weinacht Schneble   Metcalf, Figueroa  Metcalf, Figueroa Schneble    Weinacht   Metcalf   AMO Faculty     AMO Faculty
PHY 584, Lab Rotations in Physical Biology (3)  Offered  Dill Dill      Dill    TBA   Dill  TBA  TBA TBA  Dill  Dill  
PHY 598, Graduate Seminar I
(Atomic and Solid State) (1)
 Th 4:45PM-6:05PM Fernandez-serra,Li,Schneble Abanov,Stephens, Schneble   Stephens, Dreyer, Weinacht  Schneble,Fernandez-Serra,Litvinenko Vafaei-Najafabadi, Fernandez-Serra, Weinacht  Dawber, Figueroa, Litvinenko    Figueroa,Fernandez-Serra, TBA   Fernandez-Serra, Weinacht Litvinenko   Dawber, Figueroa, Vafaei-Najafabadi Stephens, Litvinenko    Schneble, Litvinenko, Fidkowski Schneble, fernandez-Serra,Liu    Allison, Litvinenko, Fidkowski
PHY 599, Graduate Seminar II  
(Nuclear, Particle, Astronomy) (1)
 Mo 4:25PM-5:45PM Bernauer,Walter,Teaney Piacquadio,Syritsin,Lanzetta Teaney, Sehgal, Worcester  von der Linden,McGrew,Syritsyn Teaney, McGrew, Lanzetta  Walter, Worcester, Teaney  Lattimer, Kharzeev, Tsybychev Perna, Teaney, Tsybychev   Despande, Walter, Teaney Calder, Piacquado, Despande   Drees, Lattimer, Wilking Drees, Lanzetta, Mcgrew    Kiryluk
PHY 604, Computational Methods II (3)          Farr       Zingale           
PHY 610,611, Quantum Field Theory I, II (3) TuTh 11:30AM-12:50PM  Zamolodchikov Meade     Zamolodchikov,Negro  Rastelli   Zamolodchikov   Rastelli   Meade   Rastelli   Rastelli   Meade   Rastelli Meade    Rastelli
PHY 612, Theoretical Particle Physics (1-3)      Essig   Essig         Essig     Essig   Essig  Shrock 
PHY 613, Advanced Particle Theory (1-3)  TuTh 1:15PM-2:35PM Essig,Sterman,Meade   Meade, Sterman, Essig         Shrock, Essig, Meade, Sterman   Shrock, Essig, Meade      Shrock, Essig, Meade, Sterman    
PHY 620, Modern General Relativity (3)  MW 7:50PM-9:10PM  Komargodski    Komargodski   Loverde      van Nieuwenhuizen  
Course Website
  Loverde      Loverde   Meade 
PHY 621, Adv. Quantum Field Theory (1-3)           van Nieuwenhuizen,              van Nieuwenhuizen,   website     van Nieuwenhuizen and Sterman, Course Website
PHY 622, 623, String Theory I,II (1-3)  MoWeFr 10:30AM-11:25AM   van Nieuwenhuizen, Roček, Siege l  van Nieuwenhuizen, Roček, Siege l      van Nieuwenhuizen, Roček, Siegel van Nieuwenhuizen, Roček, Siegel,   van Nieuwenhuizen, Roček, Siegel, Lecture Notes   van Nieuwenhuizen, Roček, Siegel, Lecture Notes   van Nieuwenhuizen, Roček, Siegel, Lecture Notes van Nieuwenhuizen, Herzog, Roček, Siegel, Lecture Notes    Herzog, Roček, Siegel, Herzog, van Nieuwenhuizen, Roček, Siegel,  Herzog, van Nieuwenhuizen, Roček, Siegel, Notes  Herzog, van Nieuwenhuizen, Roček, Siegel, Notes    Herzog, van Nieuwenhuizen, Roček, Siegel
PHY 655, Advanced Graduate Seminar (1) Fr 1:00PM-3:35PM   Rocek,Rastelli  Rocek  Rocek  Rocek Rocek    Rocek TBA    TBA   Rastelli, Roček   Rastelli, Roček   Rastelli, Roček Rastelli, Roček    Rastelli, Roček
PHY 680, Topics in Theoretical Physics (1-3)

TuTh 8:00AM-9:20AM

 Quantum Computing, Korepin Advanced Quantum Field Theory, Rastelli 

Quantum ComputingKorepin,  


  Group Theory, van Nieuwenhuizen, Webpage

 Introduction to Modern Theoretical Physics, van Nieuwenhuizen Quantum Computing
  Group Theory, van Nieuwenhuizen   Web page     Geometry and Field Theory of Gravity, van Nieuwenhuizen,   Course Website Quantum Computing,   Korepin    Group Theory, van Nieuwenhuizen,   Webpage,   Notes   Supersymmetry and Supergravity, van Nieuwenhuizen,   Notes    Quantum Computing,   Korepin
PHY 682, Topics in Condensed Matter (1-3)    

Quantum Information Science, Wei

PHY 683, Special Topics in Astronomy (1-3)                             Zingale
PHY 684, Topics in  
Many Body / Nuclear Physics (1-3)
    Nonperturbative QCD, Shuryak   Verbaarschot            Shuryak, Nonperturbative Phenomena in QCD        
PHY 687, Topics in Biological Physics(1-3)                            
PHY 688, Topics in Astrophysics: (1-3) MW 10:30AM-11:50AM  Astrophysical Fluids and Plasma, Zingale Dark Universe, Sehgal       von der Linden   Farr: Gravitational Waves Zingale    Walter   von der Linden   Dark Universe, Sehgal Zingale      Dark Universe, Sehgal
PHY 689, Topics in Accelerator Physics (1-3)    Litvinenko       Meot     Meot     Meot            
PHY 690, Topics in Atomic and Optical Physics: (1-3)                       Figueroa      
PHY 691, Computational Accelerator Physics TuTh 6:30PM-7:50PM Litvinenko                        
PHY 664, Astronomy Journal Club (0-1)  F 10:30AM-11:50 AM    Sehgal   von der Linden TBA    Sehgal Sehgal    Sehgal   TBA Sehgal    Sehgal Sehgal    Sehgal
PHY 665 / AMS 532, Journal Club in Physical Biology (1) W 10:30AM-11:25AM           Rizzo   Rizzo   Rizzo Rizzo    Rizzo   Rizzo   Rizzo     Rizzo   Rizzo
PHY 668, Astronomy Seminar (0-1) M 11:45AM-1:05PM    Sehgal     von der Linden                  
PHY 669, Nuclear Astrophysics Seminar (0-1)                            
PHY 670, Theoretical Physics Seminar (0-1)   2:30-5:20 Th,        Wei   Wei   Wei Wei    Wei Wei   Wei      
PHY 672, Elementary Particles Seminar (0-1)   2.00-3.20 M,     Tsybychev   Jung                  
PHY 673, Seminar in Cosmology (0-1) M 11:30-12:50    Sehgal   von der Linden                  
PHY 674, S1, Nuclear Physics Seminar (0-1)   4:00-5.20 Th,     Verbaarschot       Verbaarschot   Verbaarschot   Verbaarschot   Verbaarschot   Verbaarschot   Verbaarschot   Verbaarschot   Verbaarschot   Verbaarschot   Verbaarschot
PHY 674, S2, Nuclear Theory Seminar (0-1)   4:00-5.20 Th,    Verbaarschot     Verbaarschot    Verbaarschot   Verbaarschot   Verbaarschot   Verbaarschot   Verbaarschot   Verbaarschot   Verbaarschot Verbaarschot 
PHY 676, Solid State Physics Seminar (0-1) F 1.30-2.30           Fernandez Serra  Fernandez Serra    Fernandez Serra    Fernandez Serra    Fernandez Serra    Fernandez Serra  Fernandez Serra     Fernandez Serra    Fernandez Serra  Fernandez Serra 
PHY 678, AMO Seminar (0-1)   4:00-5:20 M, S141        AMO Faculty   TBA   Bergeman   Bergeman   Bergeman Bergeman    Bergeman Bergeman    Bergeman   Bergeman
PHY 698, Colloquium (0-1) 4:00-5.50 Tu, HH 137         Fernandez Serra TBA    Rastelli   Rastelli Rastelli  Rastelli    Rastelli   Rastelli Rastelli  Aronson