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PhD Theses

This listing is currently under construction and for the moment includes theses from 2018 onwards.  You can find theses from 2009-2017 here.

Date of Defense Student Advisor Thesis Title Where did they go next?
9 August, 2019 Connor Behan Leonardo Rastelli Bootstrapping Continuous Families of Conformal Field Theories  
7 August, 2019 Irina Petrushina Vladimir Litvinenko The Chilling Recount of an Unexpected Discovery: First Observations of the Plasma-Cascade Instability in the  Coherent Electron Cooling Experiment  
7 August, 2019 HyeYun Park Dmitri Tsybychev, Andrei Nomerotski Measuring Mass and Structure of the Universe with LSST: Importance of Precise Photometric Redshift Estimation and CCD SensorEffects  
31 July, 2019 Moshe Kellerstein Jacobus Verbaarschot Exploring the Anatomy of QCD and Related Strongly Coupled Theories Data Science
1 July, 2019 Christopher Hayes John Hobbs Search for Exotic Decays of the 125 GeV Higgs Boson in the bbμμ Final State with the ATLAS Detector  
14 June, 2019 Saebyeok Jeong Nikita Nekrasov Studies on Correspondences in Supersymmetric Quantum Field Theories Postdoc Rutgers
17 May, 2019 Jiawei Zhang Mengkun Liu Infrared and Terahertz Near-Field Imaging of 3d and 4d Correlated Transition Metal Oxides Postdoc Argonne National Laboratory
8 May, 2019 Angelik Field-Pollatou Partha Mitra Image Anaysis for the Mouse Brain Architecture Project  
  26 April, 2019   Yiqian Xu   Joanna Kiryluk   Measurement of High Energy Neutrino Interaction Cross Section Using Neutrino-Induced Electromagnetic and Hadronic Showers Observed in Five Years of IceCube Data Analyst at Goldman Sachs
  15 April, 2019  T atiana Konstantinova   Yimei Zhu   Electron-Electron Interactions in Functional Materials Studied by Ultrafast Electron Diffraction  Data Science
  4 March, 2019 Mingliang Zhou    Jiangyong Jia Study of Particle Correlation and Fluctuation from High Energy Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions to Proton-Proton Collisions at the LHC with the ATLAS Detector.   Data Science at Facebook
  22 January, 2019   Yue Hang Leung   Axel Drees   Measurement of μμ pairs from charm, bottom and Drell-Yan in p+p and p+Au collisons at √s NN = 200 GeV with the PHENIX detector at RHIC. Postdoc UC Berkeley 
3 December, 2018   Bertus Jordaan Eden Figueroa   Building a Cross-Cavity Node for Quantum Processing Networks Postdoc ETHZ
20 November, 2018 Gabriel Santucci Michael Wilking / Chang-Kee Jung  Search for p → \bar K + in Super-Kamiokande Postdoc York University
19 November, 2018   Zoya Vallari   Chang-Kee Jung   Measurment of Neutral Curent Single \pi^0 Interaction Rate on Water in the Neutrino Beam at the Near Detector of T2K Postdoc Caltech
6 September, 2018 Adith Ramamurti Edward Shuryak  Recent Progress in Understanding the Role of Monopoles in QCD   Research Physicist, Naval Research Laboratory
17 August, 2018 Simon Divilov   Marivi Fernandez Serra   Understanding Up-Down Asymmetry in Ferroelectric Oxide Materials Postdoc UAM Madrid
15 August, 2018 Oumarou Njoya Krishna Kumar Search for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay of Xe-134 with EXO-200 and Development of Laser-Driven In-Situ Electron Lifetime Monitoring for nEXO P ostdoc Stony Brook
13 August, 2018 Serpil Yalcin Kuzu Ayben Karasu Uysal   Study of Delta(1232) and Delta^{--}(1232)and Resonance Production in p-Pb Collisions at \sqrt(s_{NN}) = 5.02 TeV with the ALICE Detector at the LHC Postdoc KTO Karatay University
13 August, 2018 Spencer Horton Thomas Weinacht    Photoionizaton as a Probe of Ultrafast Molecular Dynamics BAE systems, Boston
13 August, 2018 Yizhuang Liu   Ismail Zahed   Nonperturbaive Studies in QCD Postdoc TD Lee Institute
3 August, 2018 Mark Mace Dima Kharzeev   Infrared Dynamics of Non-Abelian Gauge Theories out of Equilibrium Postdoc Jyvaskyla, Finland
30 July, 2018 Ludwig Krinner Dominik Schneble Exploring Spontaneous Emission Phenomena Using Ultracold Atomic Matter Waves Postdoc Braunschweig
27 July, 2018 Mehdi Namazi Eden Figueroa   A Scalable Room-Temperature Quantum Processing Network Postdoc Yale
25 July, 2018 Donald Wilcox Alan Calder The Single Degenerate Progenitor Scenario for Type Ia Supernova and the Convective Urca Process Postdoc Lawrence Livermore
16 July, 2018 Xiaoyue Li Chang-Kee Jung A Joint Analysis of T2K Beam Neutrino and Super-Kamiokande Sub-GeV Atmospheric Neutrino Data Postdoc Munich
25 June, 2018 Abhiahodh Prakash Tz u-Chieh Wei Aspects of Global Symmetry in Quantum Many-Body Systems  Simons Fellow, ICTS -Tata Institute
7 May, 2018 Kuo-Wei Huang Christopher Herzog   Anomalies, Entanglement and Boundary Geometry in Conformal Field Theory   Postdoc Boston University
10 May, 2018 Ningqian Song Concha Gonzalez-Garcia     Extraterrestial Neutrinos as Probes of Their Sources and Interactions Postdoc Queen's University, Kingston
  7 May, 2018 Hans Niederhauasen Joanna Kyriluk   Measurement of the High Energy Astrophysical Neutrino Flux Using Electron and Tau Neutrinos Observed in Four Years of IceCube Data Postdoc MPI Munich
2 May, 2018   Yanliang Shi Robert Shrock   Study of Chiral Gauge Theories and Heavy-Quark Hadrons Postdoc Cold Spring Harbor
2 May, 2018   Xinan Zhou   Leonardo Rastelli Holographic Mellin Amplitudes Postdoc Princeton
26 April, 2018 J ean Paul Nery Philip Allen Renormalization of Electronic Propertiesof Semiconductors from Electron-Phonon Intereaction   Postdoc Sapienza Rom
19 April, 2018   Gongjun Choi Robert Shrock   Study of Renormalization Scheme Transformations and RG Flow of Asymptotically Free Theories   Postdoc TD Lee Instiute / U Chicag
10 April, 2018 Taeho Ryu   Rosalba Perna   Study of formation of Binary Black Holes, their interactions with surroundings and their mergers   Postdoc John Hopkins
15 December, 2017 Vladimir Khachatryan Thomas Hemmick / Axel Drees   The Quark Gluon Plasma probed by Low Momentum Direct Photons in Au +Au Collisions at √s NN = 62.4 GeV and √s NN = 39 GeV Beam Energies P ostdoc Stony Brook
13 September, 2017   Alyssa Montalbano   John Hobbs Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson Produced with an Associated W Boson and Decaying to a Pair of Top Quarks at √s = 13 TeV with the ATLAS Detector Postdoc Boston University
15 August, 2017 Huijun Ge Barbara Jacak / Axel Drees Jet-Medium Interactions via Direct Photon-Hadron Correlation Measurements in Au-Au Collisions at √s = 200 GeV  
10 August, 2017 Adrian Soto Marivi Fernandez Serra   Simulating Complex Problems in Condensed Matter Physics: from Liquid Water to Dark Matter -- Electron Interactions Data Science at DataCamp
4 August, 2017   Hualong Gervais George Sterman   Soft Radiation Theorems at All Loop order in Quantum Field Theory Bloomberg 
10 July, 2017 Rasmus Larsen Edward Shuryak   Description of Gauge Theory Phenomena from Topological Objects  Postdoc BNL
2 August, 2017 Nicolas Tarantino   Lukasz Fidkowski Exactly Solvable Models for Topological Phases of Matter  Postdoc University of Berlin
3 July, 2017 Xinyu Zhang Nikita Nekrasov Exprloring the BPS/CFT Correspondence  Postdoc Rutgers
14 June, 2017 Arthur Zhao Thomas Weinacht   Ionic Dynamics in Molecular Strong Field Ionization Postdoc Neuroscience Janelia
13 June, 2017 Harikrishnan Ramani Patrick Meade Higgs Collider Phenomenology: Important Backgrounds, Naturalness Probes and the Electreoweak Phase Postdoc Berkeley
12 May, 2017 Naveen Prabhakar Nikita Nekrasov   Nonperturbative Studies in Supersymmetric Field Theories via String Theory Postdoc TIFR Mumbai
24 May, 2017 Yihong Wang Christopher Herzog   Applications of 2D CFT: Entaglement and Soft Theorem  
12 May, 2017   Martin Polacek Warren Siegel   Aspects of T-Dually Extended Superspaces   Insight Data Science
8 March, 2017 Yachao Qian Ismail Zahed Spin and QCD Instanton and Stringy Pomeron Developer at Wolfram