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Here we will post useful forms for Physics and Astronomy Graduate Students. Note that many of the forms you will need for administrative tasks are posted on the Graduate School website here. For the moment we will just post forms that are specific to our department on this page.

Oral Exam to advance to candidacy forms

You should contact Matt at least three weeks before the exam and establish the composition of the committee. Once the committee is approved by Matt, fill out this form and email to Matt and Don. Also download the signature sheet and the advisor's note before the exam. Make sure they are signed after the exam. Submit the signature sheet and the advisor's note to Matt and Don.

Form to schedule your PhD thesis defense

Complete  this form and email to Matt and Don at least   four weeks   before the exam.

Doctoral Defense Announcement Templates

Complete one of these as appropriate and send either the word document or pdf generated from the Latex template to Matt and Don at least three weeks before your PhD defense date. Please note that if you chose to use the Latex template Don will not be able to make minor edits for you, if you use the Word template he may be able to do that for you.

In person defense announcement templates

Word Document


Virutal defense templates

Word Document