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Graduate Student Awards

Department Awards to Graduate Students

Prize Name
Awarded for
2021 Awardees
2020 Awardees

Max Dresden Prize

Outstanding Theoretical Physics Thesis

Mukul Sholapurkar

Yao Ma

David Fox Prize

Outstanding Teaching Assistant

Jason Bennett

Drew Rosen

Gonenc Mogol

Aaron Dunbrack

Gerald Brown Prize

Outstanding Research/Travel Awards

Yuan Fang

Sahal Kaushik

Vidushi Sharma

Myles Silfies

Ziheng Yao

Xinzhong Chen

Sudhakantha Girmohanta

Farid Salazar

Drew Jamieson

Nicolas Pomata

Peter B. Kahn Prize

Outstanding Research/Travel Award

Daniel Gift

Mukul Sholapurkar

H.B. Silsbee Prize

For an outstanding 2nd year student

(based on comps/courses & research) 

Yichul Choi


Rod Englemann Prize

Outstanding Research/Travel Award

Zhongling Ji

Kevin Wood

Di Tian Prize

Outstanding Research/Travel Award

Dounan Du

Yihan Wang

Jonathan Kaufman Prize

Outstanding Research/Travel Award (Experimental students)

Ian Schwartz

Guodong Cui

Students who passed the comps with distinction


Hailin Xu

Hongye Yu

Yichul Choi


Lourie Fellowships

These fellowships  are designed to facilitate the making of connections between excellent students and potential advisors during their first two years in the PhD program. Some fellowships are awarded to students as part of our recruitment effort, while others were awarded based upon proposals submitted by faculty.

2021 Fellows:

Dmitrios Athansakos, Jay Bhambure, Edoardo Buonocore, Tongzhou Guo, Wenhan  Guo, Waltraut Knop, Amanda MacInnis, Radhakrishnan Srinivasan, Chase Wallace, Alec Wills

2020 Fellows:

Duncan Adams, Sergey Alekseev, Yichul Choi, Matthew Forslund, Colin Gordon, Jan Albert Iglesias, Jiayu Ji, Mikhail Litvinov, Gonenc Mogol, Aman Singal, Abraham Teklu

President's Award to Distinguished Doctoral Students

The President's  Award to Distinguished Doctoral Students  rewards the most outstanding doctoral students to graduate from Stony Brook. Physics and Astronomy is well represented among the recipients of these awards! Winners from our department are listed below.

2021: Sebastian Dick
2020: Xinzhong Chen
2019: Connor Behan
2018: Hans Niederhausen
2017: -
2016: Wolfgang Peelears & Mao Zeng
2015: -
2014: Matt von Hippel
2013: Bryce Gadaway
2012: Abhijit Gadde
2011: Jacqueline Faherty & Christian Holzner
2010: Leandro Almeida, Xiaojing Huang & Ilmo Sung
2009: Shivani Ahujua
2008: Kieran Boyle
2007: -
2006: Rama Calaga