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C. Kinematics And Dynamics

C1.Center of Mass
Air Track - Center Of Mass Pendulum
Air Track - Center Of Mass Of Coupled Gliders
Air Track - Reduced Mass
C2. Kinematics In One And Two Dimentions
Water Drop Parabola
Air Track - Constant Velocity And Uniform Acceleration
Air Track - Direct Measurement Of Acceleration
Air Track - Uniform Acceleration - Four Gates
Free Fall With Photocell Gates
Ball Drop On Rope - Equal And Unequal Intervals
Free Fall - Equal Time Intervals
Constant Velocity - Galileo's Experiment
Racing Balls
Balls Dropped And Shot
Monkey And Hunter
Funnel Cart
Funnel Cart With Mass Over Pulley
C3. First Law of Motion
Inertia - Small Steel Ball
Inertia - Tablecloth Trick
Inertia - Masses Hanging In Series
Inertia - Lead Brick And Hand
Inertia - Pen In Bottle
Second Law of Motion
Air Track - Newton's Second Law
Acceleration By Iterated Blows
Accelerometer - Ball In Water
Accelerometer On Inclined Plane
Accelerometer On Rotator
Air Track - Accelerometer
Helium Balloon In Accelerated Box
Atwood Machine
Atwood Machine With Heavy Pulley
Air Track - The Acceleration Of Gravity
Free Fall In Vacuum - Guinea And Feather
Galileo's Experiment - Masses In Free Fall
Terminal Velocity - Bottle In Tube
Terminal Velocity - Stacked Coffee Filters
Weightlessness In Free Fall - Mass In Beaker
Weightlessness In Free Fall - Mass On Spring
Acceleration On A Scale
Dropped Slinky
C5. Third Law of Motion
Newton's Third Law - Static Dynamometers
Spring And Pulley Paradox
Air Track - Action-Reaction Pairs
Water Rocket
Rocket Bottle
Fan Cart
Action And Reaction - Instructor And Cart
Air Track - Sailing Upwind
Sailing Upwind - Hairdryer And Sailboat
C7. Collisions
Collision Of Ball With Student
Air Track - Elastic Collisions
Air Track -Inelastic ollisions
Air Track - Scattering Without Contact
Collisions Of Balls - Equal Masses
Collisions Of Balls With Floor
Silly Putty
Air Table - Collisions Of Pucks
Ballistic Pendulum - Laboratory Model
C8. Mechanical Energy and Power
Giant Pendulum
Giant Pendulum For Classrooms
Galileo's Pendulum
Hill Track
Pile Driver
Jumping Clamp
Work Done By Pushing On Wall
Power - Climbing Ladder
Power - Using Gravity
Power - Instructor Dragging Concrete Block