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L. Geometrical Optics

L1. Light Sources And Light Rays
Section Title
L1-04 Point Source - Flashlight Bulb
L1-05 Persistence Of A Filament
L1-12 Inverse Square Law - Overhead Projector And Two-Meter Stick
L1-21 Pinhole Image - Ground Glass Screen
L1-32 Visible Laser
L2. Plane Mirrors
Section Title
L2-01 Optical Board - Plane Mirror
L2-02 Optical Board - Ray Diagram - Plane Mirror
L2-21 Optical Board - Half-Silvered Mirror
L2-22 Infinity Mirror
L2-41 Optical Board - Corner Reflector
L3. Curved Mirrors
Section Title
L3-01 Optical Board - Convex Spherical Mirror
L3-02 Optical Board - Ray Diagram - Convex Mirror
L3-03 Large Convex Mirror
L3-11 Optical Board - Concave Spherical Mirror
L3-12 Optical Board - Ray Diagram - Concave Mirror
L3-13 Optical Board - Spherical Aberration In Concave Mirror
L3-14 Large Concave Mirror
L3-16 Focusing Of Heat Waves By Mirrors
L3-19 Penny And Parabolic Mirrors
L3-22 Pendulum And Spherical Mirror
L3-23 Image On Screen Using Concave Mirror
L3-24 Optical Board - Spherical And Parabolic Mirrors
L3-31 Giant Mirror - Concave And Convex
L4. Refraction
Section Title
L4-01 Optical Board - Rectangular Slab
L4-02 Refraction - Beer Mug In Water
L4-03 Refraction - Rod In Water
L4-04 Refraction - Can In Water Tank
L4-05 Refraction In Fish Tank - Portable
L4-06 Refraction In Cloudy Water
L4-21 Snell'S Law - Image Distortion
L4-23 Bending Of A Laser Beam In Sugar Solution
L4-31 Disappearance Of Glass In Liquid
L5. Total Internal Reflection
Section Title
L5-02 Total Internal Reflection In Long Tank
L5-03 Fish In Tank - Total Internal Reflection
L5-05 Image Inversion By Prism
L5-11 Laser Waterfall
L5-12 Plexiglass Spiral
L5-13 Plexiglass Spiral With Laser
L6. Lenses
Section Title
L6-01 Optical Board - Converging Spherical Lens
L6-02 Optical Board - Circular Slab
L6-03 Optical Board - Hyperbolic Lens
L6-04 Optical Board - Ray Diagram - Real Image Pos Lens
L6-05 Optical Board - Ray Diagram - Virtual Image Pos Lens
L6-08 Real Image Of Converging Lens - Light Bulb
L6-09 Real Image Of Converging Lens
L6-11 Optical Board - Depth Of Field
L6-12 Magnifying Lens In Water
L6-21 Optical Board - Diverging Spherical Lens
L6-22 Optical Board - Ray Diagram - Virtual Image Neg Lens
L6-32 Optical Board - Spherical Aberration In Lens
L6-34 Optical Board - Chromatic Aberration In Lens
L6-35 Chromatic Aberration - Point Source And 20 Cm Lens
L6-37 Astigmatism
L6-38 Coma
L6-39 Distortion - Pincushion And Barrel With 2 Irises
L6-40 Distortion - Pincushion And Barrel
L6-41 Distorted Image - Pincushion And Barrel
L6-42 Distortion And Correction
L6-51 Optical Board - Fresnel Lens
L6-52 Fresnel Lenses - Miscellaneous
L6-53 Fresnel Lens Magnifier
L6-55 Fresnel Flashlight
L6-56 Fresnel Spotlight
L7.Optical Instruments
Section Title
L7-01 Light Meters
L7-02  Focal Plane Shutter 
L7-03  Shutter Speed Of A Camera 
L7-06  Minicam With Wide-Angle, Telephoto And Macrozoom Lens
L7-11  Optical Board - Astronomical Telescope
L7-12  Optical Board - Telephoto Lens 
L7-13  Optical Board - Galilean Telescope 
L7-14  Optical Board - Reflecting Telescope 
L7-21  Magnifying Glass - TV 
L7-22  Microscope - TV 
L7-23  Astronomical Telescope - TV 
L7-24  Terrestrial Telescope - TV
L7-25  Galilean Telescope - TV 
L7-31 Principal Planes
L7-32  Field Lens 
L7-33  Overhead Projector - Dissected 
L7-34  Slide Projector - Dissected 
L7-41  Real Image - Mirror And Lens 
L7-42  Virtual Image - Mirror And Lens