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G. Vibrations And Mechanical Waves 

G1. Simple Harmonic Motion
Hooke'S Law And Shm
Large Torsional Pendulum
Examples Of Simple Harmonic Motion
Comparison Of Shm And Ucm
Pendulum And Rotating Ball
Mass On String
Pendula With Different Masses
Pendula With 4 To 1 Length Ratio
Pendulum With Large-Angle Oscillation - Portable
Pendulum With Force Scale
Mass On Spring - With Stand
Air Track - Simple Harmonic Motion
Mass On Spring - Efficient Model
Inverted Spring Pendulum
Stringless Pendulum
Inverted Pendulum - Speaker Driven
Loaded Pendulum
Bifilar Pendulum
Chaos - Two Double Physical Pendula
Lissajous Figures - Sand Pendulum
G2. Resonance And Coupled Oscillations
Mass On Spring - Hand Held
Resonance In Torsional Pendulum - Projection
Psychoacoustic Vibration Transducer
Coupled Pendula
Bar-Coupled Pendula
Spring-Coupled Physical Pendula
Coupled Pendula - 100 To 1 Mass Ratio
Coupled Air Track Gliders
Elastic Pendulum
Fourier Synthesizer - Addition Of Waves
Beats - Oscillators, Speakers And Oscilloscope
G3. Mechanical Waves - One-Dimensional
Shive Wave Machine - Traveling Waves
Shive Wave Machine - Superposition Of Pulses
Shive Wave Machine - Reflection Of Pulses
Shive Wave Machine - Standing Waves
Shive Wave Machine - Partial Reflections
Shive Wave Machine - Impedance Matching
Shive Wave Machine - Tapered Transformer
Shive Wave Machine - Fabrey-Perot Interferometer
Transverse Waves On A Long Spring
Velocity Of Transverse Wave Along A Rope.
Transverse Waves On A Long Spring - Free End
Slinky On Lecture Table - Traveling Waves
Slinky On Lecture Table - Impedance Mismatch
Air Track - Longitudinal Waves
Air Table - Transverse And Longitudinal Waves
Suspended Slinky
Suspended Slinky - Portable
Rope Wave Generator - Frequency Vs Wavelength
Rope Wave Generator - Rope Tension Vs Wavelength
Standing Waves On A String
Kundt's Tube - Oscillator Driven
Singing Pipes
Flame Tube
Stroked Aluminum Rod
G4. Mechanical Waves - Two-Dimensional
Ripple Tank
Ripple Tank - Doppler Effect
Soap Film Oscillations
Standing Waves On A Soap Film
Chladni Figures - Bowed
Fourier Synthesis