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Resonance In Torsional Pendulum - Projection


To demonstrate quantitatively all aspects of the driven and damped oscillator.◙


Klinger torsional resonance device, as photographed. Shadow projection available on request.




Using the "gross" and "fein" controls on the power supply box the frequency of the driving force can be swept through the natural frequency of the rotator. A knob on the power supply controls a damping magnet. Driven oscillations, under-damped, over-damped, and critically damped motion can be shown, and the maximum amplitude in the presence of various damping forces can be ascertained. ◙◙Practice before demonstrating this device. It is a very inclusive machine, and can be used to illustrate most aspects of damped◙and driven oscillations discussed in intermediate mechanics texts.◙◙Do not exceed


Instruction Manual, Cat. No. 11 1124, Klinger Scientific Co., Jamaica, NY. ◙Lecture Demonstratio Data Sheet: Amplified vs. Motor Voltage