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M. Wave Optics

M1. Interference And Diffraction - Slits And Gratings
Section Title
M1-01 Laser Diffraction - Fixed Single Slit
M1-02 Laser Diffraction - Variable Single Slit
M1-03 Single Slit Diffraction - Fresnel And Fraunhofer
M1-04 Laser Diffraction - Wires
M1-05 Fingers And Sodium Source - Variable Single Slit
M1-11 Laser Diffraction - Fixed Double Slits
M1-21 Laser Diffraction - Multiple Slits
M1-22 Laser Diffraction - Gratings
M1-32 Slitflims And Long Filament Bulb
M1-33 Laser Diffraction - Phonograph Record
M1-34 Laser Diffraction - Compact Disc
M2. Diffraction - Circular
Section Title
M2-01 Laser Diffraction - Pinholes
M2-03 Laser Diffraction - Poisonn'S Bright Spot
M2-04 Laser Diffraction - Halo
M3. Interferometers
Section Title
M3-01 Michelson Interferometers - Laser Light
M3-02 Michelson Interferometers - White Light
M3-06 Michelson Interferometers - Gas Cell
M4. Thin Film Interference
Section Title
M4-02 Newton's Rings - Projection
M4-04 Interference Between Glass Plates
M4-21 Soap Film Interference - Simple Large Version
M5. Interference And Diffraction Esoterica
Section Title
M5-11 Laser Diffraction - Pin Point
M5-12 Laser Diffraction - Razor Edge
M5-24 Laser Interference - Fresnel's Biprism
M6. Holograms
Section Title
M6-12 Hologram - Multiplex - The Kiss
M7. Polarizating And Scattering
Section Title
M7-03 Polaroids And Gooseneck Lamp
M7-04 Malus' Law
M7-07 Crossed Polaroids - E Field Components
M7-13 Brewster Angle - Semicircular Lucite Slab
M7-33 Depolarization By Scattering - Wax Paper
M7-34 Rotation of Polarization - Polaroid and Wax Paper
M7-41 Scattering Of Laser Beam
M8. Optical Activity And Birefringence
Section Title
M8-01 Polaroids And Karo Syrup
M8-02 Optical Activity - Glass in Karo Syrup Tank
M8-03 Optical Activity In Karo Syrup Cylinders
M8-14 Photoelasticity
M8-21 Calcite Birefringence
M9. Elliptical Polarization
Section Title
M9-02 Circular Polarization - Rotating Vector Model
M9-21 Quarter Wave Plate
M9-22 Half Wave Plate