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H. Sound

H1. Nature Of Sound
Bell In Vacuum
Speaker And Candle
Microphone And Oscilloscope
Waveform Generator, Speaker And Oscilloscope.
Speed Of Sound - Phase Change
Speed Of Sound In Aluminum
Speed Of Sound In Helium And Sulfur Hexafluoride
Speed Of Sound Between Two Microphones
Sound Level Meter
Wavetek And Audio Cart - Equal Sound Level Steps
H2. Wave Properties Of Sound
Sound Lens
Audible Young'S Experiment - Group Listening
Audible Young'S Experiment - Mic And Scope
Doppler Ball
Beats - Audio Oscillators And Speakers
H3. Standing Sound Waves
Standing Sound Waves - Two Sources
Standing Sound Waves - Reflection
Kundt's Tube - Stroked Rod
Tuning Forks And Resonant Tube
Sound Resonance In Water Tube
Resonance Tube - Oscillator And Plunger
Resonance In Tube - Pouring Water
Beaker Breaker
H4. Music
Fourier Analysis - Wave Shape And Spectrum
Lissajous Frequency Measurement
Lissajous Figures With Sound
Sound Board - Tuning Fork And Lecture Table
Guitar And Oscilloscope
Modulation - Am And Fm
Synthesizer Introduction - Voltage Control Of Frequency
 H5. The Ear
Ear Model
Wavetek And Audiocart - Frequency Range Of Hearing
Waveteks And Audiocart - Masking
Ohm'S Law Of Hearing - Fourier Synthesizer
Compact Disc - Auditory Demonstrations
H6. The Voice
Fourier Analysis Of Voice
Helium Voice