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H3-61. Beaker Breaker


To break a glass beaker with a sound wave.


Beaker with oscillator, 100 watt monaural power amplifier, JBL2445 120 Watt 16 ohm horn driver, microphone, stroboscope, TV with monitor, and oscilloscope. ◙


This is a very dramatic demonstration, and may be used at a number of levels.




An audio oscillator and 100 Watt power amplifier are used to drive a heavy-duty horn driver which is mounted in the back of the plastic beaker cavity with the sound emerging through a hole, which can be seen in the photograph. The beaker is positioned on a foam pedestal in front of the speaker hole. A microphone is mounted at 90 degrees from the position of the speaker. With the sound at some intermediate level, the resonant frequency is found by sweeping the frequency of the oscillator very slowly past the resonant freque


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