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K. Electromagnetic Principles

K1. Forces On Moving Charges
Section Title
K1-03 Force On Current In Magnetic Field
K1-04 Force On Current In Magnetic Field - Portable
K1-05 Force Between Current-Carrying Coils
K1-11 Cathode Ray Tube - Deflection By Current
K1-12 Cathode Ray Tube - Deflection By Magnet
K1-14 Oscilloscope CRT - Deflection By Magnet
K1-15 Oscilloscope CRT - Deflection By Electric Field
K1-16 Visible CRT
K1-21 Torque On Current Loop In Magnetic Field
K2. Electromagnetic Induction
Section Title
K2-02 Induction In A Single Wire
K2-04 Faraday's Experiment - Eme Set - 20, 40, 80 Turn Coils
K2-12 Self-Induction - Demountable Transformer
K2-22 Induction Coil With Light Bulb
K2-28 Demountable Transformer - 10 Kv Arc
K2-42 Lenz's Law - Magnet In Aluminum Tube
K2-43 Lenz's Law - Permanent Magnet And Coils
K2-44 Eddy Current Pendulum
K2-61 Thomson's Coil
K3. Transformers
Section Title
K3-01 Induction In A Transformer
K3-04 Demountable Transformer - V Vs N - Oscilloscope
K4. Motors And Generators
Section Title
K4-01 AC/DC Generator
K4-02 Magnetoelectric Generator With Lamp
K4-06 Magnetoelectric Generator With Capacitor And Meter
K4-22 DC Motor
K4-25 DC Motor - Homemade
K4-41 Motor-Generator Pair
K5. Electrical Properties Of Matter
Section Title
K5-11 Battery Model
K5-14 Electric Cell
K5-15 Current In Biceps Muscle
K5-21 AC Plug Circuit Checker
K5-22 AC Plug Circuit Checker Checker
K5-23 Rotating Two-Color LED
K5-31 Ohm's Law
K5-32 Resistance Vs Diameter And Length
K5-33 Conductivity Of Salt Solution
K5-34 Thermal Coefficient Of Resistance In Coppper
K5-35 Resistors At Ln Temperature
K5-36 Resistors At Ln Temperature - Light Bulb Indicator
K5-41 V-I Curves For Ohmic And Non-Ohmic Devices
K5-42 Transistor
K5-43 Non-Ohmic Device - V Vs. I
K5-44 Non-Ohmic Device - Light Bulb
K5-45 Semiconductor Model
K6. Electric Circuits And Instruments
Section Title
K6-01 Series And Parallel Lights - Two Bulbs
K6-02 Series And Parallel Lights - Five Bulbs
K6-03 Series And Parallel Light Bulbs - Battery And Clip-On Wires
K6-11 Circuit Paradoxes
K6-21 Heating In Current-Carrying Wire
K6-22 Energy Conversion - Immersion Heater
K6-23 Hot Dog Cooker - 110 Vac
K6-32 Potentiometer
K6-33 Wheatstone Bridge
K6-34 Meter With Shunts And Multipliers
K6-35 Voltage Divider
K6-41 Diode Rectifiers And Filters
K6-42 Sine Wave And Rectified Sine Wave
K6-51 Kirchoff's Laws
K6-61 TV Monitor With Oscillator
K7. RIc Circuits
Section Title
K7-01 RI Circuit - 50 Microsecond Time Constant
K7-03 Inductor Delaying A Lamp
K7-11 RC Circuit - RC Time Constant - Oscilloscope
K7-12 RC Circuit - RC Time Constant - Projection Meters
K7-13 RC Circuit - RC Time Constant - Storage Scope
K7-14 RC Circuit - 100 Microsecond Time Constant
K7-15 Current In RC Circuit
K7-21  RLC Circuit - 10 Khz - Resonance 
K7-22  RLC Circuit - 10 Khz - Damped Oscillations 
K7-23  RLC Circuit - 60 Hz   
K7-24  RLC Circuit - 60 Hz With Light Bulb Load 
K7-26  RLC Circuit - 0.3 Hz Resonance
K7-27  RLC Circuit - 10 Khz - Phase Shifts
K7-28 RLC Circuit - 0.6 Hz With Storage Scope
K7-29  RLC Circuit  - 0.6 Hz Transients 
K7-41  RC Circuit - Differentiation And Integration 
K7-42  Barricade Flasher 
K7-43  Relaxation Oscillator - Neon Lamp
K7-44  RLC Circuit Box - Differentiation And Integration
K7-45 Low And High Pass Filters
K7-46  Phasor Disc
K7-61 Tesla Coil
K8. Electromagnetic Waves
Section Title
K8-02 Introduction To Light Behavior
K8-03 Light Nanosecond
K8-11 Microwaves - Standing Waves
K8-12 Radiowaves - Standing Waves
K8-14 Radiowaves - Standing Waves In An Antenna
K8-21 Microwaves - Waveguides
K8-22 Microwaves - Tubular Waveguide
K8-31 Transmission Line Sample
K8-32 Pulses In Transmission Line
K8-41 Hertzian Dipoles
K8-42 Radiowaves - Energy And Dipole Pattern
K8-43 Radiowaves - Freq Measurement With Oscilloscopes
K8-44 Radiowaves - Coupling of Waves
K8-51 Infrared Eye