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H4-02. Fourier Analysis - Wave Shape And Spectrum


To simultaneously show the wave shape and the Fourier spectrum of complex waves.


PC 486 with Rapid Systems dual trace digital oscilloscope and FFT board, with Wavetek wave generator; other sound or wave sources as requested.


This is an extremely effective and easy-to-use device.




To simultaneously show the wave shape and Fourier spectrum of any type of periodic complex wave we use a Rapid Systems two-trace digital scope with FFT board in a PC 486 type computer. Instructions are presented with the computer, which may be rolled to classrooms and lecture halls. The video can be displayed for large groups using an active matrix video projector in classrooms or a rear screen video projector in the large lecture halls. ◙Typical waves used with this apparatus include (1) sine, triangle, sawtooth, square waves and others from our Wavetek generators, (2) complex waves synthesi


Lecture Demonstration Records and Data Information. ◙Thomas B. Greenslade, Jr., Ultrasonic Transducers for Fourier Analysis, TPT 33, 514-515 (1995). ◙Ingo Bull and Reimer Lincke, Teaching Fourier analysis in a microcomputer based laboratory, AJP 64, 906-912 (1996).