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L6-52. Fresnel Lenses - Miscellaneous


To allow individual experience with plastic Fresnel lenses.


Large box of miscellaneous plastic Fresnel lenses.


Several types of Fresnel lenses are included: (1) a sheet of 20 identical divergent (concave) Fresnel lenses, (2) a 12" diameter divergent (concave) flexible Fresnel lens, called a "Lensor," and (3) convergent (convex) Fresnel lense s of 5.9, 12.5, 14.5, 15.2, 22.5, and 30.5 cm focal lengths, among others. The convex Fresnel lenses were obtained from a facility which manufactures optically programmed traffic signals (See Demonstration L6-54: OPTICALLY PROGRAMMED TRAFFIC SIGNAL - MODEL.).