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Air Track - Uniform Acceleration - Four Gates


To measure acceleration along an inclined air track..


Air track, gliders, two photocell gate timers, blocks for tilting air track.

Setup Time

5 min.




All gliders are equipped with a 5 cm tab which interrupts the light beam when passing through the photocell gate. The timing system can be set to measure the time, ta or tb, a tab takes to move through the gate or the time, tab, taken for the glider to move from gate A to gate B (not B to A). The timer can be set at full scale ranges from 99.9 ms through 999 seconds for a range of applications. One timer is set so that it records the time for a glider to move from A to B. The second timer is set to measure the time the tab requires to move through gate A, and then after resetting, the time re


(PIRA 1C20.30) An instruction sheet for the photocell gate timer is available in the Demonstration Reference file.◙