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Files and Folders

Folder Structure

  • Pages should be organized logically into folders according to the sitemap.
  • Each content area of the site must have a corresponding section folder.
  • A section folder should always have a home page, also called an index page, and the filename should always be named index.pcf.
  • The only exception is if the index page is truly not needed. In this case, a “default” page must be chosen for this section to represent the first page in the section. This is the page that will show when the section is accessed in a web browser.


Page, image and document files and folder names should adhere to our file naming convention.

Images and documents (like PDFs) should be saved to the designated _images or _pdf folders established in the root level of the site, or in subfolders of content sections. If you use subfolders, make sure they start with an underscore (_images) so that they are hidden from the side navigation of that section.

When linking to files on your site — whether they are web pages or PDFs — or when inserting images, it is best to BROWSE to that file and select it so that the file is assigned a dependency tag. This ensures that if the file moves to another folder, the links to that file will not break. Learn more about dependency tags.