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Images can be used on any page in a variety of ways, but there are certain guidelines to follow depending on how and where the image is used.

A note about image sizes:

If you're placing an image on an interior page (not your home page hero image), remember that you want to save the image large enough to use without being too big. So a good rule of thumb would be for horizontal images, set the width for 1200 pixels, and vertical images should have a maximum width of 800 pixels . You can always resize the image on the page to smaller dimensions. Image resoultion for the web is 72 dpi (pixels/dots per inch).

Home page hero images have their own set of requirements.

Another rule of thumb is to upload the image at about twice the width (in pixels) of what you plan on using on the website. This ensures that the images look crisp on retina displays, which have double the resolution of the typical monitor. Also, it allows you flexibility on how you can use an image on the site.

For example, let's say you have a staff page full of head shots.  You plan on using them at 80 x 120, but why not upload them at 240 x 360 in case you want to use a larger version of a photo in some other way on another page?

Home Page

The Hero Region has several options for image sizes.

home page 3 sectionsIf you are placing an image in one or more of the Home Page Columns, and you want the image to fill the width of the section, that image should be saved at 500 pixels wide.

The actual space is smaller, but the image will scale down to the maximum width of the space.  You can size an image smaller in the space, and the text will wrap around it.

card sliderIf you are using the Card Slider Snippet, those images are 250 x 250 pixels, square, so upload them at 500 x 500.

Read more about using images.


Where Can I Find Images?

You can find many high-quality images on the Stony Brook University Digital Assets site, and all of these images are available for you to download and use.

Of course, you can always use images you take yourself.

Do NOT grab images off of a web search engine.

Do NOT use others' images unless you have permission to do so.