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Choosing Button and Link Text

When choosing text for a link or button, follow these guidelines for a higher response rate.


  • Use action words.
  • Think about the user experience -- what words capture their attention in a concise and relevant manner?
  • Keep your text short and sweet. Labels that are too long decrease clickthrough rates.

Do Not:

  • Don't use the words "Click here". All sites are now responsive, and there is no "click" on mobile. Instead, use action words.
  • Don't list the whole link on the page, for example Instead, just say something like 'View CMS Site.'

Suggested Action Words:

  • Read More
  • Continue Reading
  • See All Videos
  • See More Videos
  • Watch Video
  • Read All News
  • Read More News
  • View Event
  • See All Events
  • Give Now
  • Make a Gift Today
  • Join Us
  • Volunteer
  • Give Back
  • Apply
  • Get More Info
  • Find Out More
  • Sign Up
  • Register Now
  • Register Today
  • Buy Tickets
  • Get Tickets
  • See Ticket Options
  • See Ticket Package
  • Submit Request
  • Submit Response
  • Provide Feedback
  • Contact Us