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AUDIENCE: State Employees Enrolled in a Health Insurance Plan
SUBJECT(S): Option Transfer Period
DATE: December 2021


2022 Option Transfer Period

The annual Option Transfer Period for State Employees ends on December 31, 2021. During this time employees can:

  • Change from Family to Individual coverage while dependents are still eligible.

  • Change from Individual to Family coverage (late enrollment provisions will apply).

  • Newly enroll in a NYSHIP plan (late enrollment provisions will apply).

  • Voluntary cancellation of coverage while you are still eligible for coverage.

  • Newly elect the Opt Out Incentive (for eligibility, see the  2022 Choices).

  • Change your PTCP election from pre-tax to after-tax or after-tax to pre-tax.

For detailed information about the 2022 Option Transfer Period and to view the  2022 bi-weekly rates, please click and review the  Option Transfer Period Memo.

If you have any questions please contact the HRS Benefits Unit at 631-632-6180 or email