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Check our options for short term or long term programs:

Summer Studies! 

Improve your language, writing, culture and literary knowledge (and enjoy!) with one of our programs abroad, where you can take up to 6 summer credits towards your Major or Minor. Check our excellent program at the University of Alcalá, and other programs in Spain and Latin America !

alcala students     calle alcala

International students at orientation session in Alcalá. A typical view of a local street in Alcalá (Photos by the Universidad de Alcalá)

More information about the Spanish program in Alcalá, Spain:


Semester Abroad in Alcalá

The University of Alcalá and Stony Brook have signed agreements to allow our students to spend a whole academic semester abroad. If you are interested in studying during the fall or spring at Alcalá, visit our Study Abroad Office in Melville Library (first floor) and see here the calendars, courses, and application information. 

Online application:


MA programs in Alcalá

Alcalá also offers funding for US students interested in studying an MA in Teaching Spanish and Bilingual Education.  See more information on their graduate program here.



At the Institutto Franklin, Universidad de Alcalá: Alissa Glidemann (Admissions Assistant, Teach & Learn in Spain Graduate Program), Iulia Vescan (Graduate Student Advisor, Teach & Learn in Spain Graduate Program),Antonio Fernandez (Academic Coordinator and Student Advisor, Study Abroad in Spain Program), Angela Sauciuc (Head of the Teach & Learn in Spain Graduate Program), Priscilla Ramos (Coordinator for International Program, Study Abroad in Spain) and Paul Firbas (Undergraduate Director at Stony Brook University).