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SPRING 2023  


HUS 201:  Hispanic Visual Cultures
3 Credits. SBC: ARTS; DIV. TUTH 02:30-03:50PM in HUM 1006 Prof. Fernando Loffredo

HUS 255: Modern Spain
3 Credits. SBC: GLO; HUM. TUTH 10:00-11:20AM MELVILLE N3063 Prof. Daniela Flesler

HUS 272:  Science Tech Enviro in LatinAm 
3 Credits. SBC: CER; STAS. MW 02:30-03:50PM SB UNION 103-02 . Prof. Javier Uriarte


POR 111:  Elementary Portuguese I 
4 credits. TUTH 11:30-01:20PM SOC BEHAV SCI N107. Prof. Monica P. Vicentini
POR 411: Portuguese for Spanish Speaker 
3 Credits. SBC: GLO; LANG. Prerequisite: SPN 321 or permission of the department
TUTH 03:00-04:20PM SOCBEHAV SCI S328. Prof. Monica P. Vicentini
Note: Offered as POR 411 and POR 511


SPN 111 and SPN 112: Elementary Spanish I and II [See full schedules]

SPN 211: Intermediate Spanish I. SBC: GLO, LANG. TUTH 11:30-12:50PM. 

SPN 212: Intermediate Spanish II . SBC: GLO HUM LANG. TUTH 04:00-05:20PM.

SPN 215: Intermed. Medical Spanish II Credit(s): 3 SBC: LANG
Prerequisite: SPN 211 or SPN 213 or SPN 214 or Placement Test
96678 LEC 01 MW 05:30-06:20PM 28-AUG-2023 21-DEC-2023 HUMANITIES 3020 Elena Davidiak

SPN 310: S3 Span Gram & Comp Hisp-Am Bkgrd 
Credit(s): 3 SBC: DIV; HFA+; LANG. Prereq: fluency in Spanish equivalent to SPN 212
88689 LEC 02 MW 02:30-03:50PM 28-AUG-2023 21-DEC-2023 EARTH&SPACE 181 TBA

SPN 311: S3 Spanish Conversatn & Compositn Credit(s): 3 SBC: DIV; HFA+; LANG
Prerequisite: SPN 212 or placement into 311 (LVL5). See for more information.
MW 02:30-03:50PM 28-AUG-2023 21-DEC-2023 MELVILLE LBR N3085 Kathleen Vernon

SPN 312: G&3 Intro toLiterary Studies 
Credit(s): 3 SBC: HFA+; SPK. Pre- or corequisite: SPN 310 or SPN 311
TUTH 11:30-12:50PM. MELVILLE LBR N3063 Daniela Flesler

SPN 321: S3 Adv Spanish Grammar & Compostn 
Credit(s): 3 SBC: CER; HFA+; WRTD. Prerequisite: SPN 310 or SPN 311
TUTH 01:00-02:20PM . FREY HALL 205 Prof. Aurelie Vialette

SPN 385:  Intro Latin AmLit/Culture II 
Credit(s): 3 SBC: DIV; GLO; HFA+.Prerequisites: SPN 312.
MW 05:30-06:50PM FREY HALL 326. Prof. Javier Uriarte

SPN 387 Intro to Spanish Lit/Culture I 
Credit(s): 3 SBC: GLO; HFA+. Prerequisites: SPN 312
TUTH 02:30-03:50PM . PHYSICS P122. Prof. Victoriano Roncero-Lopez

SPN 390: Comm Media Journal in Spanish 
Credit(s): 3 SBC: GLO; HFA+. Prereq: SPN 312 or permission of the instructor
MW 04:00-05:20PMPSYCHOLOGYA 144 . Prof. Paul Firbas

SPN 393 Intro to Hispanic Linguistics Credit(s): 3 SBC: SBS
Prerequisite: SPN 321. MW 02:30-03:50PM  HUM 1023 Prof. Elena Davidiak

SPN 405:  Issues in Hisp Cultural Stds. TOPIC RADICAL GOYA 
Credit(s): 3 SBC: ESI; HFA+. Prereq: SPN 384 or SPN 385 or SPN 386 or SPN 387 or SPN 388 or SPN 389
TH 04:00-06:50PM 2. Prof. Fernando Loffredo. Note: Offered as SPN 405 and SPN 523

This course explores the radicality of Francisco de Goya’s visual world. From being the most important painter at the court of the King of Spain, to witnessing a cruel war, to being a deft, exiled artist, Goya experienced extreme situations in his life that are reflected in his radical works of art and is a living testimony of how resilience in life can be translated into unrestrained creativity despite it all. His traumas are visualized in raving works such as the print series Los desastres de la guerra (The Disaster of War), or the Pinturas Negras (Black Paintings). Students will analyze 18th and 19th-century Spanish society and history through the lens of Goya’s art, which significantly shaped Modern Hispanic visual culture and cinema. This course is imagined, on the one hand, as a journey in the life of Goya in which we will navigate the dramatic historical events that were happening during his time, so that Goya’s visual world will be our History Book. On the other hand, cinema will be a significant part of this course. We will discuss the dialogue between Goya’s painting, prints, and drawings and film production, in order to explore how influential Goya’s radicality was and still is in Spanish and international cinematography. At least one visit to one of the New York City Museums that keeps Goya’s paintings of works on paper will be offered as an extracurricular activity and will allow us to see and discuss in person important masterpieces by the artist. 

SPN 410: Theory in Context. TOPIC PRISON REFOR 
Credit(s): 3 SBC: ESI; HFA+. Prereq: SPN 384 or SPN 385 or SPN 386 or SPN 387 or SPN 388 or SPN 389
TUTH 02:30-03:50PM FREY HALL 205. Prof. Aurelie Vialette

“Politics of Crime” examines, through critical analysis, the carceral system in the Iberian Peninsula. We will focus on what was called the “penitentiary question”, that is, the penitentiary reforms, looking particularly at how intellectual reformists envisioned the existence of the prison buildings within the cities and in the colonies, how they faced the treatment of prisoners inside the prisons themselves as well as their social reintegration on release. Particular attention will be given to the nineteenth century, but we will also look at the cultural representations of the criminal through literature and film and at the treatment of political prisoners during the Civil War (1936) and contemporary society. Finally, we will consider the issue of overseas prisons in the nineteenth century, especially in the Philippines.  We will study a variety of sources: archival documents (building plans, penal codes, etc.), literary texts, paintings, films, documentaries, and newspaper articles, among others.  Classes will include lectures, discussions, audio-visual material, and students presentations.

SPN 415: Hispanic Culturesin Contact. TOPIC LAT AM AND CAR
Credit(s): 3 SBC: ESI; HFA+. Prerequisite: SPN 384 or SPN 385 or SPN 386 or SPN 387 or SPN 388 or SPN 389
MW 04:00-05:20PM. MELVILLE LBR E4315. Prof. Sebastian Lopez Vergara
Note: Offered as SPN 415 and SPN 510

This course traces a genealogy of Latin American and Caribbean critical theory from the beginning of the 20th century to the contemporary moment. It will focus on a corpus of authors who produce diverse and creative approaches to multiple modern problems related to processes of capital accumulation, colonialism, racialization, and gender and sexuality, both global and local. Initially, we will study the centrality of Marxist thought in contemporary social and cultural theory. However, the course emphasizes these authors’ critical appropriation and production of social theories and histories to analyze national and regional contexts. We will study different cultural, social, political, and economic conflicts in the Andes, the Caribbean, Mexico, and the Southern Cone, and we will establish relationships and dialogues between the authors who have produced theoretical and thematic fields on these conflicts. The course draws special attention to the question of land, exploitation, Indigenous and feminist politics, racial oppression and justice, and colonial dispossession, as well as different historical projects of social liberation.



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