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Placement in Spanish Classes

Students interested in taking the Spanish Placement Exam, please click on the LLRC (Language Learning Research Center) link to make an appointment. Exams are now offered via Zoom:

For general information on the Spanish challenge exams, please visit this link: 

Spanish AP Students

Those students who scored a 5 can enroill in SPN 311 or SPN 310.  Students with a 4 usually enroll in SPN 212. Please, contact the Spanish Undergraduate Director or Chair (during summer)

Students who have taken the Regents exam before 2011 and have scored 85 or above will have satisfied "skill 3" or LANG requirements.

For any questions, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, the Chair or the Director of the Spanish Language program (see our contact us page for updated emails)

July 2020 UPDATES