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Alumni News


A Chemistry alumnus, Clem McKown, who received a B.S. in 1978 and an M.S. in Chemical Engineering from NJIT, has been named a Hero of Chemistry 2012 by the American Chemical Society. Clem is Director of Business Development at Arkema, Inc. He was a member of a team that developed atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition technology, which allows the economical coating of window glass.
Clem is the third SBU graduate to be recognized as a Hero of Chemistry, joining Stuart Rosenblum, Ph.D. '87, and Barry Weinstein, Ph.D. 78.

Larry Altman, a faculty member of our department from 1972-80, died on June 20, 2012. His Chicago brashness and CalTech self-confidence will be fondly remembered by faculty and students who knew him in the 70s. A obituary appeared in the Oct. 8 C&ENews, p. 54.