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12/02/1999 Christian Labadie(M.S., Stony Brook 1989)
Here is my email address: /alumni/alumdata/oldalumnews/ My WWW is hosted by the nuclear chemistry group:
I am also starting an online collaborative research project towards the prevention of genocide and other forms of social violence. We will look at the potential that MRI could have in elucidating the role of trauma that occur after such violent events, such as PTSD [Ed: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder]. I would like to suggest the start of a corresponding international M.S. research online program. It has received the warm encouragement of the NIH/FIC who subscribed to our egroup. More at:

The idea of this research came as a direct consequence of the research on magnetic resonance relaxation [Lab94a, Lab94b] I performed at the Max Planck Institute of Göttingen with Dr. Provencher in 1993. Indeed the long-term evolution of cognitive processes will require solid and commanding analyses of functional MRI data, so that the evolution of corresponding trauma may be followed over several years and possibly on different equipments.

Perhaps such project could be a wonderful way to commemorate the 30 years of magnetic resonance imaging

11/29/1999 Mitchell Koppelman(B.S., 1972)
Noted my inclusion in the most recent issue of the Chemistry alumni newsletter in an article describing Pfizer's undergraduate (PREPARE) program. Based on the last few years of stock market history, I would like to say that I am still part of the Pfizer family, but alas, my division, Specialty Minerals, was spun off in an IPO in 1992, the last of the non-strategic (non-healthcare) spin-offs. Specialty Minerals is part of Minerals Technologies, a near $700 million company, listed on the NYSE (MTX). Currently I am Vice President of Reseach & Development, responsible for global new product development, basic research and technical and applications services. We maintaining laboratories in Pennsylvania (Bethlehem and Easton), and in Parainen, Finland.

After doing undergraduate research at SUNY Stonay Brook in geochemistry, I went on in the filed doing a doctoral thesis at Virginia Tech on the surface chemistry of minerals, specifically the adsorption of metal ions on clays using XPS (quite a new concept in 1972).

I joined Georgia kaolin, a mineral producing company in 1976 upon receipt of my Ph. D. as a research group leader in the area of paper filling. Hence I began a 25+year career associated with the paper and other process industries, all from a mineral perspective.

I went into marketing and business management for 15 years, heading the Precipitated Calcium Carbonate business for Pfizer and then Specialty Minerals in North America I assumed my current R&D management position in 1998.

I currently serve on the Virginia Tech Research Advisory Council, something Stony Brook may want to consider.

I live in New Jersey (North Plainfield), with my wife Debbie, an our daughter Tani, age 14 and a freshman in high school. My offices are in Bethlehem and New York City and I can be reached at (610) 882-8751 or

11/04/1999 Nadim Kayaleh (Ph.D., F. Johnson, 1998)
Hello everybody...This is Nadim Kayaleh. Having had a very enjoyable and productive time in my Ph.D. with Professor Francis Johnson (I graduated in August '98), I accepted a post-doc offer with Professor Robert Holton at Florida State University. I completed only 8 months there because I could not handle the absence from my fiancee Suparna Gupta, who is a graduate student with Professor Sampson. So I moved back north and I'm currently a post-doc with Professor Paul Williard at Brown University. I really like it where I am now. Providence is a very nice place and I get to come to Stony Brook quite often. I and Suparna will get married soon. Thanks for the opportunity to share our news...

11/01/1999 Jiqun (Larry) Yu (M.S., Chu, 1993)
I studied in the Chemistry Dept., SUNY at Stony Brook from Fall, 1988 to Fall, 1991 and got the my M.S. by the end of 1993. Prof. Chu was my advisor. After obtaining Ph.D. in Biophysics and M.S. in Engineering Management from Syracuse University in 1997, I relocated in Atlanta, GA and worked for a printed-circuit-board manufacturer as a process engineer working on manufacturing R&D and optimization. Now I am working for GA state as a computer programmer analyst to develop and maintain software.
Mailing Address: 9375 Parkwood Ave. Douglasville, GA 30135
Email Address:

Hsing-Pang Hsieh(Ph.D., Burrows, 1993)
Years spent at Stony Brook, 8/88-12/93. Currently, Assistant principal Investigator at National Health Research Institutes
Mailing Address: National Health Research Institutes1/F, 103 Lane 169, Kang Ning St., Hsi Chih City, Taipei Hsien 221, Taiwan, R.O.C.
E-mail Address:
Phone: 886-2-26954246 ext. 601, Fax: 886-2-26953759

10/12/1999 Jim DiLorenzo(Ph.D., Schneider, 1967)
was appointed President of Signal Technology Corporation earlier this year. The announcement about his new position highlights his activities in recent years, at Bell Laboratories, Microwave Semiconductor Corp, and as General Manager of Raytheon Microelectronics.

10/04/1999 David Yarkony (B.S., 1970 - Prof. of Chemistry at Johns Hopkins) ran into Joanna and Bill Fowler at the Statue of Liberty earlier this year.

In response to a recent e-mail survey, we have received a number of comments from alumni ranging from address information to short biographies which we summarize on a separate page. In addition to some responses already posted below, we include messages from: Stephen Heller, Caroline Schauer, Jason Harris, Al Porter, Victoria Petrova, Pamela Shepard, Gary Hiel, Leopoldo Della Ciana, Jui-Tsen Hwang, Scott Kuduk, Thomas Nittoli, Arthur Schultz, Aaron M. Heiss, Mike Rickenbach, Louis Fensterbank, Tam Nguyen, Hiroshi Okazaki

7/14/1999 Kary Frullani (M.S. 1996, Raleigh)
Hello Fellow Alumni, Here's a brief update since my 1996 graduation.
Right before graduation I accepted a position with Ciba-Geigy Corporation in Suffern, NY. During my stay in Suffern I worked in the Transdermal Pharmaceutical Development group where I conducted early compound feasibility studies (mostly on peptide fragments) using iontophoretic techniques. After 2 years in Suffern and after a merger with Sandoz Pharmaceutical (now called Novartis Pharmaceuticals), I transferred to a new group......Analytical Research & Development (ARD) located in East Hanover, NJ. During my stay with ARD, I worked mostly with stability samples looking for degradation and impurity trends. I ventured out into mini-projects where I did some instrument validation, computer validation, and conducted training for our automated system in sample preparation. Before I knew it, Purdue Pharma L.P. in Ardsley, NY was offering me a position within Pharmacokinetic & Drug Metabolism (PKDM) as a System and Training Administrator. So, here is where I currently can be found. I coordinate and conduct all the technical, regulatory and SOP training for PKDM as well as oversee and maintain the raw data archival.

Besides my career moves, the most exciting event within the past 3 years is my engagement to Erik Gonzalez. We haven't set a date but I will be sure to
let you know.

A special hello to Prof. Raleigh and my old classmates. May success and happiness be with you always.

Kary Frullani
Purdue Pharma L.P., Systems & Training Administrator
Pharmacokinetics & Drug Metabolism
444 Saw Mill River Road
Ardsley, New York 10502

7/14/1999 Dah-ren (Ph.D. 1982, Helquist) and Yuying C. (Ph.D. 1984, Fowler) Hwang
It has been a long time since I left Stony Brook. Job changes take me from Long Island to St. Louis then Dayton and now at New York. I enjoy my current position very much. Currently, I am an assistant professor at the Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University. Main responsibility is to provide positron-labeled tracers for clinical and research PET studies. My own research is on the development of positron-labeled dopamine and serotonin ligands for measuring the changes of dopamine and serotonin receptor density in patients with schizophrenia or depression. Yuying has a research position at the division of Cardiology, Columbia University. Since her graduation from Stony Brook, she has been working on NMR (or MRI) related projects. We have two boys, Lewis (13) and Ryan (12). Both of them are currently in middle school, and they like their school very much. Our new address is:
Dah-ren and Yuying C. Hwang
20 Western Drive
Ardsley, NY 10502
Tel. (194)-693-8571

Stephen Nicolosi (M.S., 1973)
...Work wise I went from Brookhaven to Battelle, to Rocky Flats, to Pantex. I am now a Chief Engineer (title only) with Parallax working as a subcontractor at the U.S. DOE Pantex plant. Here I am currently doing safety analysis of the W76. The W76 is a warhead for the Trident missile. It is great stuff, which is another way of saying that I enjoy it. I believe taxpayers really got a bang for their buck with these systems. They are cleverly designed and well made.....You may wish to check out my home page (, for my interests have expanded since those old SB days.

Stewart Novick (B.S. 1967)
has been elected chair of the Chemistry Department of Wesleyan University, Middletown CT. Condolences can be sent to My research involves high resolution studies, using the supersensitive technique of pulsed-jet Fourier transform microwave spectroscopy of weakly bound complexes and of radicals that can be detected in the interstellar medium. My new web page address is

Ed Altmann (B.S., 1979)
Thanks for sending me a copy of The Spring 1999 Edition of the Chemistry Alumni Newsletter. Nice Job! Thanks to my folks I received my copy. Please send future mailings to my correct address below:
191 West 19th Street
Huntington Station, NY 11746-2118
Keep the good news coming.....


Caroline Schauer (Ph.D., 1997, Joe Lauher, Bill Fowler)
I graduated in 1997 with my Ph.D. from the Folwer-Lauher group. After a one year post-doc in the Netherlands, I came back to the States. I am now doing a post-doc with David Walt at Tufts (another Stony Brook alumni). I really love the work I am doing. On a more personal note: I got married to Ray Habas (Ph.D. in Biology 1998) a year ago. Time flies.
Caroline L. Schauer, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
62 Talbot Ave.
Tufts University
Medford, MA 02155
Phone: (617) 627-3675 (2013), Fax: (617) 627-3443, Email:

Eduardo (Eddie) Duek (Ph.D. Chemical Physics, 1984, John Alexander)
It was so good reading the news of many of my friends from 20 years ago. I am currently living on my native country, Argentina, since 1994. Here I am heading several companies and projects, some of them personal. Since my arrival I was elected member of the Argentine Council on Foreign Relations and nominated the Ambassador of the City of Dallas to Buenos Aires. Since my arrival, I was asked to participate in a panel that reformulated the Argentine investment into S&T, plan that was approved in 1996.

Before Argentina, I was Director of International Affairs at the Superconducting Super Collider. My responsibilities were mostly to support the Lab Director and the Dept. of Energy in their efforts to secure foreign participation. Was an intense time, when I was a member of US govt delegations to negotiate participation in Russia, China, Japan and many other countries. My office also managed to sign 17 agreements with scientific institutions in 13 countries, with two of them becoming government to government agreements, with China and Russia. In October 1993 the US Congress cancelled funds for the SSC.

During my years in Dallas I was elected member of the Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations and, in 1994, one of its representatives before the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.
From 1984 to 1991, before I joined the SSC, I was an post doc, Assistant Chemist, and later Associate Physicist at Brookhaven National Labs, working on experiments 802 and 814, searching for the elusive quark gluon plasma, a state of matter believed to have existed a few microseconds after the Big Bang.
On a more personal level, my wife Mirta and myself are happy with the arrival of our 4th child, Michael Adam, on February 8th, 99. He follows the footsteps of siblings Thomas, 10, Matthew 8, and Maia, 6. Mirta and I are planning a return to the US, possibly in two years time.

We would love to hear from our SB friends and, should anyone need anything from the other down under, let us know.
Eduardo E. Duek
phone and fax at the office 011-5411-963-7967
home 011-543327-454931
email :

Glen T. Anderson (BS, 1990)
Please put me on the chemistry Alumni mailing list. Thank you.
Avon Products, Inc., Avon Place, Suffern, NY 10901 Glen Anderson

Sandra Lincoln (Ph.D. 1984, Prof. S. Koch)
We welcome Professor Sandra Lincoln back to the Chemistry Department at Stony Brook. Sandra was Steve's first graduate student. She will be spending part of her sabbatical leave in his group. After receiving her Ph.D., she went directly to the University of Portland where she has advanced to the rank of full professor. When she returns to Oregon in May, she will become the Chair of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Portland. Sandra's office will be in Room 671 and she will be working in Laboratory Room 672. Her email address will be Sandra would be glad to share her experience with students who are interested in careers in college teaching

Leopoldo Della Ciana (Ph.D. 1984, Prof. A. Haim)
After spending a two year postdoc felloship with Tom Meyer at U.N.C. Chapel Hill, I worked at IGEN, Inc, Rockville, MD on ruthenium electrochemiluminecent labels. After the technology was acquired by Boerhinger Mannheim in 1993 it has become the most powerful method of immunoassay available today ! I then went back to Italy in 1989 and joined the country largest biomedical company, Sorin Biomedica. I developed many new sensors for monitoring dialysis and extracorporeal circulation and worked also on implantable devices. I am now busy setting up my own biotech company, InnoSense, near Turin.
My email is :

Ping Zheng (Ph.D. 1996, Prof. Rokita)
My current address is: 4909 Quail Ridge Dr., Plainsboro, NJ08536. my Email is

Doug Carsten(B.S., 1993)
My name is Doug Carsten, and I graduated from SUSB in '93 with a BS in chemistry/English lit. I graduated from Harvard with an MA in Organic Chem in '95, and have recently graduated from Georgetown Law. I now work in Los Angeles at Irell & Manella, and am anxiously awaiting the results of the California and Patent Bar examinations. I have very fond memories of my time at SUSB, where I had the pleasure and honor of working with Professors Fowler and Lauher. I also particularly recall Honors Orgo with Professor Kerber, and Orgo lab with Ms. Kandel. So many great memories! Well, since I came upon the site, I thought I'd add my two cents.
If any SUSB alumni are in Southern Cal, my e-mail address is, and my home # is (310) 858-1185.

Anita Mehta (Ph.D.)
After doing my post-doctoral work in US , Uk and France for the last five years I have been working in a pharmaceutical company in India Named Ranbaxy which is India's No. 1 pharmaceutical company . I am presently working as a group leader in New Drug Discovery department. I have very fond memories of the time that I spent in Stony Brook . Please keep me informed . Please send me mail at

Stacey Shlachtman (B.S., 1992) writes
I graduated from Stony Brook with a B.S. in Chemistry in 1992. After graduating, I worked for a short time at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (protein crystallography and molecular bio), then as an analytical chemist for a small biotechnology company. I received my Master's Degree in Chemistry from Adelphi University. I am currently teaching at Lawrence Woodmere Academy, an independent high school on the South Shore of Long Island. Here I teach chemistry and Advanced Placement Chemistry, and I have developed a science research program there. Also, I have been doing some adjunct work at Adelphi University, teaching the Essentials of Organic and Biochemistry" course. This semester, I will teach the Biochemistry Laboratory. Special hellos to Dr. Lauher (still throwing those crazy Halloween parties??), Mrs. Kandel (I model you in the lab...), and Dr. Haim (I STILL tell my students stories about the ferrocene lab...). I miss Stony Brook and hope to visit soon!
Lawrence Woodmere Academy
336 Woodmere Blvd.
Woodmere, NY 11598
(516) 374-9000,;

Doug Kalinousky(B.S., 1995, Engineering Chemistry) writes
My name is Doug Kalinousky, I graduated in 1995 with a BS in Engineering Chemistry. I recently finished my graduate work at MIT, I received a MS in Materials Science and Engineering and a MS in Nuclear Engineering. I am now working at the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission in the Office of Research. I am attending the University of Maryland part time to get a
MBA. E-mail:

Virginia Jacobsen (nee Estevez) (Ph.D.,Prestwich, 1991)
I am a Stony Brook Alumni (Ph.D. in 1991) and I have a new address. My new home address is 137 Marlborough Street, Boston, MA 02116. Also, I am going on maternity leave this week (an indefinite leave), so please do not send mail to my work address as of the end of this week.

Richard Ward (Ph.D., Haim, 1969)
Please add my name to your e-mail link and pass my regards to Professor Haim. Hope all is well with him and his family. If the e-mail address is to Prof Robert Schneider,my greetings and best wishes to you as well.

Christopher T. Brown (B.S., 1990)
I graduated from the StonyBrook Chemistry Department in May of 1990. I then attended The University of Texas at Austin where I completed my doctoral studies in Professor Jonothan L. Sessler's laboratory (title,The Synthesis of New Systems for Study of the Role Non-Covalent Interactions Play in Mediating Electron Transfer Events). I am currently employed by Eastman Kodak as a synthetic organic chemist.
Christopher T. Brown, Ph.D.
Eastman Kodak Company Home:
Building 82, RL 1600-13 Wind Willow Way
Rochester, NY 14650-2103 Rochester, NY 14624
Ph. (716)-722-1176 Ph. (716) 889-0166
email email

Mario Studer (Post Doc, 1972, Phil Johnson)
Thanks for the Winter edition of Chemistry Newsletters. I had a great time in SUNY 1972 to 1973, and again now browsing your exellent home page. It was great to see what old collegues of these times developed in science. Congratulation. Keep my address, which is correct. I am glad to have your the homepage adress to stay in contact. My adress in internet is: As you see I am, since leaving Stony Book as a post doc, working for Ciba Specialty Chemicals Ltd, a worldwide leader in anitoxidants and ligt stabilizers for plastic, dyes and pigments, industrial polimers, chemicals for the paper industry, water treatment chemicals ....At present I am responsible for chemical safety (toxicology, ecology) for the Textile Dyes divison in Switzerland.
Have a nice summer, and enjoy the beach and research.
Mario Studer

Elke Schoffers (MS, 1991, Ojima)
I was a student in Prof. Ojima's lab and received a degree in 1991, then continued grad. studies at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI under Prof. Carl R. Johnson where I received my Ph.D. in 1996. I am now proud to announce that I have accepted a tenure-track position as Assist. Prof. in the Chemistry Department of Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI. The department focuses on Environmental Chemistry and my research will address asymmetric catalysis (ligand design) and the use of biotransformations in synthetic organic chemistry.

Barry Weinstein, (Ph.D., 1974, Fowler) writes:
I was educated by Professor Frank W. Fowler and received my Ph.D in Chemistry from SUNY at Stony Brook in 1974. I have been at the Rohm and Haas Co. for 18 years and hold the position of "Research Fellow". My E-mail address is

Scott Kuduk, (B.S., 1992, Ph.D., 1996, Ojima) writes:
I am still a postdoc here at Sloan-Kettering Institute. I was awarded a U.S. Army Breast Cancer Research Postdoctoral Fellowship based on my proposal "Synthesis and Clustering of 2,3-sT Antigens for the Development of Synthetic Cancer Vaccines". I should complete my postdoc sometime in early summer of 1999 as I have extended my tour here to a 2.5 year stint (I think they like me). Otherwise that, the Chemisty with Sam Danishefsky is really exciting and keeps me busy, although I hope to see more of NYC since I live here. I like NYC, but miss Stony Brook- we are a little far from any clean beaches here!!!!
Oh, and I got married in September. Which is far more important than anything else really.
Hey, have fun at commencement. Do you know I have been to every commencement since 1991? This will be the first one
I miss! My favorite was 1992 when I got my B.S. degree. I think Prof. Bonner gave the address. Anyway, have fun - it is always a great day.

Scott Kuduk, Ph.D.
Laboratory for Bioorganic Chemistry (RRL 1361)
Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research
1275 York Ave.
New York, NY 10021
Phone: (212)-639-5504 (Lab)
Fax: (212)-772-8691
(212)-717-4570 (Home)

Graham Peaslee (Ph.D., 1987) writes:
I ran into another chemist who graduated a year after I did at the ACS meeting in Dallas: Tom Orlando, who is now a Chief Scientist at Pacific Northwest National Lab. You can look him up at and find him under the "People" button. You should add his name [to the Former USB Chemists Page] as well.
Graham Peaslee '87 (

Fred Simon (Ph.D., 1981)
Not only is the web great for research, but also for keeping in touch with the people and memories that have helped to shape our lives. Thanks for your efforts. I do have an update - I am now working for Hunt-Wesson, Inc. in the beautiful Los Angeles area. I am the Principle Scientist in the packaging group. My homepage has changed to
I'd appreciate the update!

Stewart Novick (B.S., 1967)
who is Professor at Wesleyan University in Connecticut writes:
I am an SUSB chemistry alumnus, class of 1967 (gasp). Please add my homepage to the StonyBrook Chemists links to homepages: Also, please update my home address on your newsletter mailing to:

Stewart Novick
17 Lookout Landing
Bolton, CT 06043
Anny Morrobel-Sosa (M.S., 1980)

More news:
Anny Morrobel-Sosa, Cal Poly materials engineering professor and chair of the university's Academic Senate, is one of 35 Americans in higher education to be selected a 1998 American Council on Education (ACE) Fellow. As an ACE Fellow, Morrobel-Sosa will attend seminars on higher education issues and learn about the challenges and opportunities for higher education today and in the next century.

Anny Morrobel-Sosa, Professor of Materials Engineering
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407
805.756.1380 (office) ; 805.756.2299 (fax) (E-mail)

Arthur J. Schultz (B.S., 1969)
I just received the very informative Newsletter but I see that the address label has me still residing in the Chemistry Division. In 1993 I moved to the Intense Pulsed Neutron Source (IPNS) Division here at Argonne. My current address is given below.

Best regards,
Arthur J. Schultz
IPNS, Bldg. 360 630-252-3465
Argonne National Laboratory Fax: 630-252-4163
Argonne, IL 60439-4814

Mark D. Schnittman (B.S., 1989)
I'm a graduate of SUSB's chemistry department, class of 1989. My address has changed a number of times over the past few years, and I don't think that you have the current one on file. Please update your records and keep in touch.
Mark D. Schnittman
645 Belle Terre Road #7
Port Jefferson, NY 11777

Swati Bal-Tembe (Ph.D. 1981)
Thanks so much for sending me the Chemistry Newsletter of Winter 1998. It was great to relive those wonderful days at Stony Brook! I got my Ph.D. from Stony Brook in 1981 and after postdoctoral work at the Univ of Notre Dame in Indiana, returned to India in 1984. While I was at Stony Brook, I was known as Swati Bal. Now, I am Swati Bal-Tembe. My husband, Bhalachandra Tembe, is also a Stony Brook Chemistry Dept alumnus. I look forward to future issues of the Newsletter.
My e-mail address is : /alumni/alumdata/oldalumnews/
Office Fax No : 0091-22-5641953
Home Phone No. : 0091-22-5792530
Best regards to you and friends in the Chemistry Department,
Swati (Dr. Swati Bal-Tembe)
Principal Research Scientist

Ashis Mukherjee (Ph.D. 1992, William le Noble)
Let me first congratulate you, Professor Ojima and others for a very interesting web page and for the effort to unite the stony Brook community (old and new).
After completing my Ph.D. from Stony Brook, I did a postdoc at The Rockefeller University for three years and then returned back to India and am currently working as a Senior Research Scientist at the New Drug Discovery unit of Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited, New Delhi, India. My email :
It will be nice if you could post my message in the Alumni News letter so that all my stony brook friends can get in touch with me
once again. If anything I can do as a stony Brook Alumni, please let me know.
My address: D-598 C. R. Park, New Delhi 110019, India Phone : 011-91-11-648-4150

B.J. Gabrielsen (Ph.D., 1969, le Noble)
It was gratifying to receive the Stony Brook Chemistry Newsletter. I am an early Stony Brook Ph.D. graduate (1969). My mentor was Dr. Wm. le Noble, with whom I stay in contact. I was honored to have participated by giving a presentation at the Selenium Symposium in 1992 dealing with research in the area of drug development against RNA viruses. However, I have lost track of many of my former colleagues and would like to send you the following update for the next edition of the newsletter in an attempt to stimulate communication. Please feel free to edit it as needed. Thank you for your efforts.
Update: Bjarne (B.J.) Gabrielsen (Ph.D. 1969) has had two distinct careers, academia (1969-1986) and government. After serving on the chemistry faculties at Wagner College (Staten Island, N.Y.) followed by the University of Florida (Gainesville), BJ joined the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID, Fort Detrick, Frederick, MD) in 1986, leading the chemical drug discovery efforts against exotic RNA viruses. He joined the National Cancer Institute in 1992 overseeing the Frederick Cancer Research & Development Center as the Technical Coordinator / Ass't. Project Officer. He moved to the NCI-Developmental Therapeutics Program (DTP) in 1997 and currently serves as a technology development specialist to the NCI-DTP within the Technology Development and Commercialization Branch, located in Bethesda-Rockville [Phone: (301) 496-0477] and Frederick (Phone: 301-846-5465), Maryland.

Pamela (Cooper) Shepard (M.S., 1989, Koch)
Thanks to Professor Ojima for a nice newsletter. My name is Pamela (Cooper) Shepard. I got my master's degree in Steve Koch's group in 1989. Is he still at Stony Brook? I didn't see it mentioned in the newsletter. Anyway, I work at Pemberton Township High School in Pemberton, NJ. I teach Advanced Placement Chemistry, Academic Chemistry, and Physical Science. I see students from grades 9-12. Besides that, I spend a lot of time with my 3 and a half year old son and husband. I am really happy with my career, and I will encourage my students to look into Stony Brook when applying to colleges! My e-mail address is: I keep in touch with a few people from Stony Brook: Maureen and Carlos Oliva, and Bill Shay. Hope to hear from you soon!
Sincerely, Pam Shepard

Duncan Quarless(Ph.D., 1997, Koch)
Duncan has accepted a faculty appointment in the Department of Chemistry at the SUNY College at Old Westbury.

Bill Stone(BS, 1966, Ph.D., 1973, Wishnia)
Ginger and I live in the Cherokee Mountains just outside of the historic town of Jonesborough, Tennessee. Jonesborough is the oldest town in Tennessee and was the capital of the State of Franklin (named after Benjamin Franklin). Jonesborough is also the Storytelling Capital of the world . I am a Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at East Tennessee State University (see
curriculum vitae) and Ginger (see resume) works as an artist and art educator. Isaac, our son, is an art student at East Tennessee State University and Nora, our daughter, is finishing her vocational training in cosmetology. She is also a member of
the Jonesborough Presbyterian Church Choir.
Bill's WWW page is at

Eric Gruff (Ph.D., 1990, Steve Koch)
I spent two years as a Post-Doc with Leslie Orgel at the Salk Institute, then moved down the street to Molecular Biosystems, where I worked on contrast agents for MRI, CT and ultrasound. After almost five years there, I left to go to Agouron Pharmaceuticals (also in San Diego). I currently manage the Pharmaceutical Development Documentation group - we coordinate activities with contract labs, analyze and report stability data for Agouron's products and assist Regulatory Affairs with a variety of submissions to worldwide regulatory agencies. Agouron has recently had it's first product, VIRACEPT(R) - an HIV protease inhibitor, approved for sale in the US, and sales have been very strong. They do a lot of crystallography here, but unfortunately I don't !

Stephanie Sen(Ph.D., 1989, Prestwich):
has just received news that she will become an Associate Professor with tenure at Indiana University-Purdue Univ. at Indianapolis. Stephanie has been at Indiana Univ. since early 1992. Stephanie's home page is at

Jim Kusko(B.S., 1964) notes:
Retired after 33 years of teaching secondary school Chemistry. Jim continues to be an active member of USB's Science and Mathematics Teaching Center.

Anny Morrobel-Sosa(M.S., 1980) writes:
I was updating my web page and noticed the request for info from alum. I received the MS degree in Chemistry back in 1980...and was one of those folks that moved out west with Larry Dalton. Well, any other info that you may want is probably contained in my web page.
Prof. Anny Morrobel-Sosa
Department of Materials Engineering
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407
805.756.1380 (office) ; 805.756.2299 (fax)

Chuck Wilkinson (B.S., 1980) reports:
He is sales manager for Vacuum Instruments here on Long Island

Tom Ryan (Ph.D., 1970, Kerber) writes:
Below is a brief synopsis of what I am doing currently.

I am on the staff of the Wadsworth Center, a laboratory facility that is part of the New York State Dept. of Health. The Wadsworth Center has three different sites in Albany, NY. I am the Chief of the Laboratory of Molecular Diagnostics, which is composed of doctoral and technical staff involved in research and testing activities. The focus is primary on proteins involved in disease states or proteins that are markers for disease. Included in the Lab. Mol. Diag. are the Wadsworth Center core facilities for Biological NMR, Biological Crystallography and Biological Mass Spectrometry as well as protein sequencing and amino acid analysis.

My overall research interests lie in determining the role and regulation of proteases in biological processes. My laboratory has investigated the various protein components of the fibrinolytic system. The main function of the fibrinolytic system is the proteolytic dissolution of fibrin clots formed in blood vessels but a variety of other roles in normal and abnormal physiological processes have been proposed. We have characterized the

interaction of the fibrinolytic enzyme, plasmin,and its fragments both with normal peripheral blood cells and with transformed cells. Tumor cell surface proteases, which produce physiologically active fragments from cell bound plasmin, are also being investigated. These studies are directed at elucidating changes in cellular function in response to activation of the fibrinolytic system on the cell surface. In addition, my laboratory has a very productive collaboration on the isolation and characterization of gamma-glutamyl hydrolase, an intracellular peptidase involved in folate metabolism and tumor cell resistance to anti folate drugs.


Dr. Thomas J. Ryan - Lab. of Molecular Diagnostics,
Wadsworth Center, NY State Dept. of Health
Voice: (518) 474-6193 Fax: (518) 474-7992
E-mail: /alumni/alumdata/oldalumnews/

John W. Jost (Ph.D., 1971, Schneider):
has been appointed Executive Director of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (See C&E News, Feb 17, 1997, p 58). John's e-mail address is The IUPAC offices are located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Natalie Fiess reports:
Found you guys on the web and fun to read alumni news and see PCL's machine and all that. We moved to Chapel Hill, NC in 1994. Now you know where WE are. We would be pleased to see visitors in person in addition to hearing from them on the Net. Hello to all and especially the Lunch Group.
Please respond to

Edmund Gutierrez(Koch Ph.D., 1995) reports that he is now employed as a post-doctoral research chemist at Nanoprobes Inc. The company is a tenant in the Long Island High Technology Incubator.

Bob Kerber reports as follows:
I bumped into the following alumni in Orlando:
Sripad Bhagwat (Helquist Ph.D.): now at Abbot Labs (Chicago).
Kathy Fordon (Burrows Ph.D.): Assistant Professor of Chemistry at SUNY Maritime College.
E-mail address: 103542.2100@COMPUSERVE.COM

Bill Shay (Ojima Ph.D.): Starting out as Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Mankato State University (Minnesota).

Bob Wedinger (leNoble Ph.D.): being promoted to Director of Technology with FMC Corporation.

Fred Simon (Ph.D., 1981, Lauher ) writes:
I just found the SUNY Stony Brook page, linked to Chemistry and found the site very interesting! I got my PhD in 1981 working under Dr. Joe Lauher, and was pleased to see that a number of professors are still there. Stony Brook has consistently been well recognized in the "outside" world and I am very pleased with the quality of my education and the value it has had in my career. After graduating, I worked at the Naval Research Lab in Washington, DC for three years, then went to work for Campbell Soup Company in Camden, NJ.
FYI - my personal homepage is located at
Convey my greetings to all and appreciation for an excellent experience (although bizarre at times!!).

Fred Simon (PhD, 1981)

Richard Oterson (B.A., Chemistry, 1973) writes:
Hi - I'm Richard Oterson with a BA in chemistry 1973. My SUNY@SB chem degree has served me well. I am technical director of McIntyre Group, a specialty chemical producer in the Chicago suburbs.

John Tom(B.S., Engineering Chemistry '85) writes:
Subject: Greetings
I have graduated with a B.S. in Engineering Chemistry (1985). I am now teaching N.Y.S. Regents and Advanced Placement Chemistry at Brooklyn Technical High School. I hope to visit Stony Brook in the future.
Yours in education,
John Tom
Chemistry (Science) Department
Brooklyn Technical High School
P.S. I also received an M.A. in Culture and Policy Studies from SUNY-Empire State College

Will Nowall(B.S. 1993) writes from UC Riverside:
I graduated from USB in 1993. I am now currently a graduate student at the University of California, Riverside. I have completed all my coursework, CUMES, and recently my ORALS. I worked for Tom Bell as an undergrad. Any info you have on chemistry grad students that graduated in 1993 please pass the information onto me via e-mail.
P.S. It is Jan. 2, 78 degrees and sunny here.