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Alumni News


10/29/2003 Ajay Singh (M.S., 2000, Drueckhammer)
Ajay writes that he is working at ArrayBiopharma in Boulder, Colorado and welcomes visits from USB friends and colleagues. His e-mail address is

10/23/2003 John D'Angelo (B.S., 2000)
I'm currently at UCONN for a PhD in chemistry under the watchful eyes of Dr. Michael B. Smith. I'm currently in my fourth year, and i xpect to graduate in another year and a half or so. I unfortunately don't have any good news in the way of awards that I've won, except for a department TA of the year award.
John G. D'Angelo
University of Connecticut
Department of Chemistry
55 N. Eagleville Road unit 3060
Storrs, Ct 06269-3060

08/18/2003 Anthony Marfat (Ph.D., 1978, Helquist)
Our thanks to Tony Marfat and Pfizer for their very generous donation to the department's scholarship fund. See the Departmental News web page.

07/28/2003 Edmund Gutierrez (Ph.D., 1995, Koch)
Since my 1997 posting, a lot has happened. I worked in a semiconductor company in Long Island for 3 years (2000-2003). I am now finally where I want to be. I am a patent agent in a Long Island intellectual property law firm. I work on chemical and biochemical patents. I have a son Adam, 3 years old, and a daughter Emily, 7 years old.
Edmund Gutierrez, Ph.D.
Patent Agent
Hoffmann & Baron, LLP - Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights And Related Matters

07/09/2003 Ambarish Singh (Ph.D., 1985, Prestwich)
was mentioned in the March 17 issue of C&E News in a summary of presentations at the ACS ProSpectives conference:

Ambarish K. Singh, an associate director in the process research and development department at Bristol-Myers Squibb, New Brunswick, N.J., described the science and techniques for optimizing crystallization methods and screening for polymorphic crystal forms, which can be applied toward developing more efficient, environmentally friendlier, and cost-effective processes.

06/10/2003 Leon Santoro (B.S., 1976)
is the subject of an interesting article describing his successes in viniculture

Posted some pictures at the alumni reunion on June 7, 2003. Thanks for coming. Hope to see many of you at the Fall ACS meeting

06/02/2003 Al Porter (B.S., 1967)
[Al is Dean of the Division of Science and Allied Health at Mercer County Community College. The following is excerpted from a message to Prof. Kerber.]

...... Last year, I did a one-year stint as Vice President for Academic and Student Affiars, covering for the absence of the incumbent. .....My own academic division has plenty of challenges. Our enrollment is soaring, we have several major fund raising activities underway, new faculty lines keep the place humming, and our graduates are doing exceptionally well. One of our more exciting initiatives involves a cooperative research course for our best chem and bio students using the labs and faculty at Rider, Rutgers, and Princeton Universities. The universities love our students, and the whole arrangement is a fabulous success, culminating in a colloquium conducted by the participants. We now want to expand into industry.,,,,,. central NJ is home to Bristol Meyers-Squibb, J&J, and other pharmaceutical companies that seem interested.

My academic division at Mercer includes all of the natural sciences and health programs. Nursing, of course, is the biggest attraction these days. We have three somewhat distinct nursing programs, making Mercer one of the major sources of nursing graduates in the state. I also have other responsibilities, including leadership of the college's self-study process in preparation for a site visit by Middle States. I've done quite a few Middle States accreditation reviews and site visits over the years, so the territory is familiar. But it's a huge task to shoulder by any metric........

05/29/2003 Michael Worsham (B.S., 1988)
I am a solo attorney practicing environmental, consumer and civil rights law. Not much chemistry in my professional life now. One of my concentration areas is suing junk faxers and telemarketers including in class actions. I thought I would use my science background somewhat more doing environmental law, but it has not worked out that way. My web site is I am slowly developing another long standing passion -- playing the guitar.

04/13/2003 Lyman Smith (B.S., 1991)
I received my BS in 1991. My faculty advisor and senior research advisor was Dr. Kerber. Since then, I have earned my Masters' in Chemistry from Seton Hall (1994) and will graduate with my JD from St. John's in June (2003). I am working for a large NJ Pharmaceutical company in the area of patents for small molecules and biotechnology.

04/12/2003 David Walt (Ph.D., 1979, Francis Johnson)
Thanks to Steve Koch for pointing out that David Walt (now Robinson Professor of Chemistry at Tufts University) was mentioned in three different articles in the March 31 issue of Chemical and Engineering News.

03/18/2003 James DiLorenzo (Ph.D., 1967, Schneider)
Jim has been appointed president and CEO of Paratek Microwave, a provider of modular, antenna-to-baseband solutions for wireless networks. He went to Paratek as part of its November 2002 acquisition of Signal Technology where Jim was president and chief operating officer.

02/06/2003 Hsing-Pang Hsieh (Ph.D., 1993, Burrows) & Tianhu Li (Ph.D., 1992, Rokita)
Professor Ojima forwards the following message:
It is nice to talk to you again. First of all, I would like to update my status again. I have been promoted to an associate investigator starting Feb. 1, 2003 after 3-month three-tier evaluation. In addition, I met Dr. Tianhu Li (Ph.D. from Steven Rokita) last November in Taiwan during the 7th International Symposium for Chinese Organic Chemists. He is currently doing his research in HongKong. if you like it, you can put this message into alumni news with attached photo. Once again, I really appreciated your support and personal encouragement in the past.
Best regards,

Hsing-Pang Hsieh, Ph.D.
Associate Investigator
National Health Research Institutes
Division of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research
9F, No. 161, Sec. 6, Minchiuan E. Rd., Neihu Chiu
Taipei 114, Taiwan, R.O.C.
TEL: 886-2-2653-4401 ext. 6577(O) or 6595(Lab)
Fax: 886-2-2792-9703

Dr. Tianhu Li
Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hung Hom, Kowloon
Hong Kong SAR, P. R. China
Fax: (852)2364-9932

Editorial Note: How many other early Chemistry alums are planning to attend the reunion that Bill mentions in the following note? Details are at
Let us know if you plan to attend -

William Knolle (B.S. 1965)

I am planning to attend the reunion in June as part of the Class of 1965..... I am currently working for Agere Systems in Allentown. Several years ago we were Lucent Technologies and before that I was with Bell Labs in Reading and Allentown. I am in the Environmental, Health and Safety Dept at Allentown. I got out of the technical stuff in 1989. I am in charge of air permits, chemical management and our environmental management system.

Last summer we learned that Agere Systems is outsourcing integrated circuit manufacturing and the facility at 555 Union Blvd. in Allentown will be out of manufacture by the end of July 2003. When the Orlando plant is sold then there will be no manufacturing in North America by Agere. The IC fabs we will use are in Taiwan and Singapore.

We have had downsizing, rightsizing, and now a Force Management Program or FMP so people are getting FMP'd, which is to say, laid off. This will be my 33rd year with the company so I will have a pension and severance pay when I get FMP'd.

Perhaps you [all] will be around for the reunion. Pat Clarke and Bill LaCourse (her husband) will be there.
Best regards,
Bill Knolle(

01/06/2003 Mitchell Koppelman (B.S., 1972)
A few things have changed since my 2000 update. While I'm still with Minerals Technologies, I am no longer VP R&D. In 2001, I was elected a corporate officer of MTI (VP Mergers, Acquisitions, & Planning), and moved to corporate headquarters in the Chrysler Building in NYC. Since receiving my PhD. in '76, I've probably had seven or eight different jobs (two companies) and have never moved (or had the opportunity to move) from North Plainfield NJ.

After doing undergraduate research at SUNY Stony Brook in geochemistry, I went on in the filed doing a doctoral thesis at Virginia Tech on the surface chemistry of minerals, specifically the adsorption of metal ions on clays using XPS (quite a new concept in 1972).

I joined Georgia kaolin, a mineral producing company in 1976 upon receipt of my PhD. as a research group leader in the area of paper filling. Hence I began a 25+year career associated with the paper and other process industries, all from a mineral perspective.

I went into marketing and business management for 15 years, heading the Precipitated Calcium Carbonate business for Pfizer and then Specialty Minerals in North America I assumed my current R&D management position in 1998.

I still serve on the Virginia Tech (Chemistry Department) Research Advisory Council, something Stony Brook may want to consider, and have recently been asked to join the Dean's (Arts & Sciences) Advisory Council as well.

I still live in North Plainfield, NJ, with my wife Debbie, and our daughter Tani, age 17, a senior in high school. College applications are out, and we await responses. She would like to be a secondary school Physical Education Teacher. My office is in New York City and I can be reached at (212) 878-1825 or


Dr. Mitchell Koppelman
Minerals Technologies Inc.
Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions and Planning
405 Lexington Avenue
The Chrysler Building 19th floor
New York, NY 10174-1904
(212) 878-1825; (908) 400-8785 (cell phone)