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Alumni News


On December 13-14, a special Stony Brook Symposium on Complex Matter was held at Stony Brook to celebrate the 70th birthday of Benjamin Chu, Distinguished Professor. Over 100 eminent scientists from around the world attended this symposium to recognize his significant contributions to the fields of polymer science and complex matter. The symposium comprised three main subjects: nanoscale characterization, phase transition and supramolecular structure, which coincide with Benjamin Chu's distinguished research efforts over 4 decades.

On Dec 16 many friends and colleagues joined with his family to celebrate Francis Bonner's 80th birthday. Prof. Bonner was the first chair of Stony Brook's Chemistry Department

On December 12, the department held a ribbon cutting cermony commemorating the rehabilitation of the 4th floor seminar room. The ceremony was followed by a presentation by Prof. Iwao Ojima, Distinguished Professor and Chair, on the State of the Chemistry Department. The presentation is available on the Chemistry Web site.

12/12/2001 Raymond Mackay (Ph.D., 1966, Schneider)
Ray was named Maryland Chemist of the Year by the ACS Maryland Section for his contributions to the fields of chemistry and of colloid and surface science. Ray was Stony Brook's first PhD awardee and is currently Acting Director, Research & Technology at the U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center.

10/23/2001 Mitchell Koppelman (B.S., 1972)
Thought I'd take a minute and update readers to a change in my employment status. Last report had me working for Specialty Minerals, a subsidiary company of Minerals Technologies Inc (NYSE; MTX), as VP- R&D. Six months ago I was asked to take on the challenge of growing MTI by almost $1 billion by creating appropriate alliances or making supportive acquisitions in addition to organic growth. This new job responsibility also makes me responsible for the corporate long term plan, and its all encompassed under the title Vice President Strategic Planning. It is a board approved corporate office, and is located in their offices in the Chrysler Building in NYC. New telephone number is 211 878-1825. E-mail address remains the same: Now I commute eastbound from our house in North Plainfield NJ instead of westbound.

08/31/2001 Caroline Schauer (Ph.D., 1997, Bill Fowler and Joe Lauher)
and husband, Raymond Habas (Ph.D., Biology, 1998), report the birth of their son, Cyrus Andrew (birth announcement). Caroline begins a new job at at the Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering at the Naval Research Labs in Washington, DC. and can be contacted at
Address: 904 Whitehall St., Silver Spring, MD 20901, (301) 681-8705

08/18/2001 Hsing-Pang Hsieh (Ph.D. 1993, Cynthia Burrows)
It is truly honored to have a big chem. reunion party during Professor Ojima and Yoko's visit in Taiwan. Right now, there are twenty-two chem. alumni in Taiwan. I think that it may be the biggest SUNY chem. alumni union outside the US. Current chairman of SUNY-Chem. Alumni in Taiwan is Professor Chao-Hsiung Lin at National Yang-Ming U. (Ph.D. 1995, Scott Sieburth).

I am currently working on National Health Research Institutes as an Assistant Investigator, like NIH in US. I am taking charge medicinal chemistry labs in our division.

The following information briefly describes our division. If anyone wants to know more details about us, please go the website or

The Division of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research (BPR Division) of NHRI was established in January, 1998. The goals of the Division are:

To establish an integrated drug discovery group and lead the local efforts in new drug R&D;
To establish a local network of collaboration to better utilize the available resources;
To become a technology and information resource through collaboration and technology transfer with foreign biotech and pharmaceutical companies;
To deliver therapies for locally-prevalent diseases.

Best wishes,
Hsing-Pang Hsieh, Ph.D.
Assistant Investigator
National Health Research Institutes
Division of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research
TEL: 886-2-2695-4306 ext. 305 or 601
Fax: 886-2-2695-3759

08/09/2001 Hsing-Pang Hsieh (Ph.D. 1993, Cynthia Burrows)
Organized a Stony Brook (Chemistry) Reunion on July 21 in Taipei. A photograph of the assembled group.

08/04/2001 Ashis Mukherjee (Ph.D. 1992, William le Noble)
This is great !! I just got connected with a few of my old friends of stony brook. I just wanted to let you guys know that I am currently working as a Principal Research Scientist in a company called "Chembiotek Research International" at Calcutta, India
My contact e-mail addresses are Email:;

05/18/2001 George Deltoro (B.S., Chemistry, 1981, M.S., Material Science, 1985)
Asyst Announces Additions To Senior Management Team - Company Strengthens Management Team in Anticipation of Continuing Growth
Fremont, CA, April 7, 2000 - Asyst Technologies, Inc.(Nasdaq NM: ASYT), in a move intended to augment and strengthen the company's senior management team, today announced the appointment of several key recruits. Joining the company are Mr. Joseph Black as Sr. Vice President of Human Resource Development; Mr. Steve Carlson as Vice President of Manufacturing Operations;Mr. George Deltoro as Vice President Global Fab Upgrade Operations and Ms. Kay Kendall as Vice President of Corporate Quality. .......

George Deltoro brings to Asyst's fab upgrade business extensive experience in technology integration, project management and strategic marketing. He most recently served as Chief Technical Officer for Comdisco Electronics Group. Prior to his affiliation with Comdisco, George held management positions of increasing responsibility with Motorola Corp., Western Digital Corp. and Standard Microsystems. George holds a M.B.A. from University of California, Irvine and a M.S. from S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook.

05/18/2001 John Bonucci (B.S., 1976)
I received a letter from you asking if I was a long lost alumnus. Well it looks like you've found me!

As for an update on what I have been doing since graduation; since I was in the class of 1976, that's an awful lot of ground to cover! You'll be grateful that I'm giving you the abbreviated version! My career has taken some interesting turns to the point where I am presently no longer involved in Chemistry.

After Stony Brook, I went on to Cornell and graduated in 1978 with an MS in Chemistry. I worked for a number of years for a metals/mining company called AMAX at one of their research labs in beautiful Carteret, NJ. While working for AMAX, I earned an MBA degree in Finance from Rutgers University in 1984. Shortly after receiving my MBA degree, I was promoted to a position in product development for the company's specialty chemicals division at its corporate headquarters in Greenwich, CT.

In 1987, I relocated to San Diego to work for a small biotech company in product development. Although that position was short-lived (because of a company reorganization) I was thankful to have landed it, since it brought me to beautiful (not intended to be sarcastic this time) San Diego, which continues to be my home. I went on from there to work in healthcare for one of the major hospital systems in the San Diego area, Scripps Health. I started out as a financial analyst at one of the hospitals and eventually became Manager of Treasury Services in the corporate office.

After ten years at Scripps, I decided it was time to leave the not-for-profit healthcare arena and return to the for-profit world. Therefore, about six months ago I started working for my present employer, Washington Inventory Service (WIS) as its Treasury Manager. WIS provides inventory counting services for most of the major retailers across the US and also internationally.

On a more personal note, I do not have any children but do have a domestic partner of 13 years whose name is David. We enjoy all there is to do Southern California as well as traveling to interesting places in the US. I hope that I haven't bored you with my story, but that's it in a nutshell. I would be interested in hearing about any of the Chemistry Department faculty that were there during my tenure at Stony Brook and also other members of my graduating class.

05/18/2001 Dr. William Schoen (B.S., 1977)
delivered the commencement address at the Chemistry Department 2001 commencement cermony. Bill is Vice President at the Bayer Research Center located in West Haven Connecticut.

05/14/2001 David Kramer(Ph.D., 1978, Lauterbur)
Just received the spring newsletter and I noticed I need to update my address. It is interesting to see the changes and to read about the folks I knew. Best Wishes,
David M. Kramer
Toshiba America MRI R&D Center
280 Utah Avenue
South San Francisco, CA 94080 or

05/05/2001 Kumar Govindaswamy (Ph.D, 1995, Koch)
"Greetings" to all the alumni. I moved to the Boston area a few months ago. I work as a Patent Attorney at Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc., in Cambridge, MA. Prior to this, I was in NYC, working at the law firm of Fish & Neave. Corporate life, I'm discovering, is much less stressful!
Contact Info:
Phone: (781) 641-0453 (home)
(617) 577-6619 (work)

04/09/2001 Prof. Ojima receives Hershberg Award
Pictures of the ceremony at the recent ACS meeting in San Diego at which Prof. Ojima received the E.B. Hershberg Award for Important Discoveries in Medicinally Active Substances. The award is sponsored by Schering-Plough Corporation.

04/07/2001 Dora Frachiolla-Kass
Prof. Ojima has established a website in memory of Dora Frachiolla-Kass (Ph.D., 1997, Ojima). Dora regrettably passed away in December, 2000 after an extended bout with cancer. The site includes a summary of her accomplishments.

02/04/2001 Tokyo Reunion of USB Chemists
Prof. Ojima has provided information about the first reunion of Stony Brook Chemists in Tokyo which took place on January 8, 2001

01/09/2001 Natalie Fiess
Natalie, Assistant to the Chair, Emerita, sends a note with an enclosed newspaper clipping with picture of Esther Linkletter, Chemistry Librarian, Emerita, tending to her prize winning garden. Natalie extends season's greetings to all. Both emeritae (?) live in different regions of North Carolina and are doing well, although Esther is recovering from a torn knee ligament.

01/08/2001 Gary Hiel (Ph.D., 1996, Sieburth)
Greetings to all my fellow SUNYSB survivors! Would love to hear from fellow Gradual School chemikers anywhere....Am teaching and setting up a small lab at Dowling College (on LI South Shore just ~25 miles miles south of ground zero SUNYSB). I am having great fun, and learned that holding 7 AM classes is a good thing (they're invariably small!). Dr. Lori Zaikowski (Fowler group) and I make up what may be the only all Stony Brook Alum-staffed Chem Dept. around (as well as the smallest dept. of any kind). Because home (Port Jeff Station) and work are so close to the University, I frequently return to the Scene of the Crime to chat with old friends or raid the library - and do always feel happy and at home there.... Wife Kelli (an adjunct at SUNYSB) and daughters Margaret (8) and Isabel (11) form a tight-knit domestic gynocracy, but I can't live without'em either..... Please drop a line (or drop by) at or 631-244-3053.

Arnold Winters (B.S. 1968)
In my bio I have changed the URL for my web page to Thank you for posting this correction in the alumni news or other listing.
I wish you a very prosperous and healthy New Year.